Pretty Little Liars: A Never Ending Addiction

Pretty Little Liars

I’m ashamed to admit that since I have discovered Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, I haven’t been able to binge-watch any other series. I binge watch whatever series has more than one season, which ultimately means there is some substance to the show. After watching the first episode, there was no way I could not stay around to figure out who the hell was the villain “A”.

The show surrounds four teenage girls who are all facing some sort of adversity in their lives after their “friend” disappears, and is later found to be dead. Let me first start off by saying that I didn’t understand the girls’ obsession with finding Allison’s killer, because if I’m honest, Allison was a total bitch who was black mailing half of the town. She was mean to her best friends, and even referred to Hannah as “Hefty Hannah.

These four girls, Hannah, Emily, Aria, and Spencer found themselves distancing after the death of bitchy Allison, because ultimately she held the crew together. However; after a long summer break, and Aria returning from a hiatus in Europe, the girls were reconnected as they bonded over investigating the murder of their…friend.

Let me first state that if you are a fan of fashion, this is the show for you. These teenage girls are wearing thousand dollar boots and flaunting the best outfits I could never afford in high school. It was very obvious that the girls were from privileged families with parents who had very high expectations for their futures. Nothing wrong with that! They live in a very small town, and we all know that small towns have minions who play their roles very well.



My favorite, but most annoying character is Spencer. She is the genius who has a pattern for flirting with her sister’s boyfriends. It never failed, she persistently had an attraction to these men, even though they were considerably older and she was only in high school. Spencer’s history with Allison wasn’t all hugs and kisses, as this blonde little evil tramp habitually blackmailed Spencer about her affairs. Please be reminded that these girls were supposed best friends since middle school.

Spencer was constantly in the middle of everyone’s business. She was a genius and very competitive teenage girl affluent in figuring out conspiracy theories. This chick was relentless. Spencer’s mind is always racing with theories of who murdered her frenemy, even accusing her own relatives for answers. At first she blamed Ian, her brother-in-law, and for a time she thought her own sister was involved in the “A” conspiracy. At the end of the day, Spencer will sell her own family down the river to prove her theories correct. Scary friend to have if you ask me.

In the real world, if my sister murdered a girl that everyone hated, and the police had no suspects, I wouldn’t say a damn word. I’m sorry, but this bitch treated me like shit and then I’m supposed to feel sorry for her after she is wacked? Whatever!



This bitch is the ultimate follower in this little coven of teenagers with nothing better to do but chase conspiracy theories about a bitch who would have sold them into white slavery for a Coke with her name plastered on the front.

Aria is significant because she returned from Europe, went to eat at a bar (yeah, unrealistic for a 16 year old), and ran into Ezra Fitz, a twenty-something high school teacher. Turns out, Ezra becomes Aria’s English teacher at the beginning of the school year. The couple attempted to stay away from each other but were unable because of raging horniness. Only the coven of liars were privy to their relationship throughout the entire first and second season. Oh, well, “A” was privy to her little secret, and often used it against Aria for purposes of blackmail (yes that word again). Their relationship didn’t start to become a dramatic theme until the romance was gone, and Ezra was out of a job for technically being a child molester.

Of all the girls, Aria was the most fashionable. Her father worked as a college professor at Hollice University, and her mother worked at an art gallery for a time; but she ultimately started working at Aria’s school.This was a huge problem because Ezra was screwing her daughter at his apartment almost everyday after school.

The second portion of Aria’s story also included knowing that her father was involved in an extramarital affair before their trip to Europe. Aria confronted her father about the affair and they both made a pact not to tell her mother. This was a disloyal move in my book because I would have sang this news to my mother like a nesting mocking bird. Dads are awesome, but there is just something about a mother’s love. Eventually, A decided to let the cat out of the bag by sending Aria’s mother a letter with the truth. Yeah, “A” was pretty much a pain in EVERYONE’s ass.




The gay character who was outed by “A”. When she started a relationship with the character Maya, she was happy and didn’t care who knew of her carpet munching tactics. When her parents found out, they were furious, but like loving parents, they got over it real quick.

Emily was a little annoying because she chose a relationship with the masculine looking girl who tried to drown her, I might add. You can’t tell me there aren’t other gay girls in high school without anger issues she could have chose. In fact, Emily is the prettiest character on the series.

I found her story line a little sad and boring. She was almost murdered by a psycho dude posing as Maya’s cousin, who tried to stab her while they struggled at the top of a light house. “A”was a bitch to her, but really, I can’t remember what happened in the first seasons because her story line was boring me to pulp. (eye roll)

The girls started receiving text messages from “A”, who was torturing the girls through blackmail. These suburban girls had so many damn secrets throughout the show I caught myself rolling my eyes and asking myself “why in the hell am I watching this?” But of course, I thought after they uncovered the identity of “A”, there would be another story line that wouldn’t make me cringe.




What can I say about Hannah? She was ultimately the cause of all of this bull shit because of her previous social status in school. Before Allison recruited the then “Hefty Hannah”, she and Mona were best friends. However, Hannah desired to be in the it-crowd, so she accepted Allison’s invitation and became a permanent fixture in their group. Unfortunately, Mona wasn’t chosen to be in their little secret society. Throughout the seasons, Hannah dissed Mona on many occasions so she could hang out with her new crowd. I never would have guessed that “A” would have been someone so close, and so affectionate to Hannah.

There were many significant occurrences in Hannah’s story line. Her mother ripped off an old lady in order to support their fancy lifestyle. “A” found out about the money and made their lives a living hell.  Hannah fell in love with a homeless boy who was initially working for “A”. The coven found out that another female on their block was also doing a little manipulating and other eye-rolling moments. We will get to that evil bitch later.

Hannah had a motive to want Allison dead like her other close friends, but she immersed herself in Spencer’s obsession in finding justice as they all did. The accusations and dwelling through people’s personal shit was getting a bit repetitive each episode and yet I continued to watch, waiting to find out who was “A”.




This Mona chick was “A” all along. She played the air head wanna-be popular character, but in actuality, her intelligence rivaled even Spencer’s. I had brief thoughts that it could be Mona in the first place, but I just thought she was too close to Hannah to inflict such torture onto her and her friends. Yep, Mona suffered a psychological break down and attempted to kill Spencer in the woods during a masquerade ball.

Mona was sent to the insane asylum where Hannah, with her retarded ass, decided that it was her duty to visit her ex-best friend for support. The first few visits Mona looked right through Mona as if she weren’t in the room. But after every visit, Mona miraculously improved.

I’m not going through the entire story, but Mona wasn’t crazy, she was just evil and wanted revenge for being left out of the popular group at school. Can you say…shallow as hell? Anyway, now she has been released from the insane asylum and has vowed her loyalty to Hannah and her friends. People are actually buying the innocent routine, but the main characters are aware that she is still full of shit and out for revenge. I am still in the process of watching the series. It is so damn addictive.



Let me quick about this evil bitch! When her character was introduced, she was blind and required a walking cane. Don’t judge me yet because you will hate her too if you start to watch this series.Jenna had every reason to want revenge by making the coven’s lives hell. The four girls in the group through a fire cracker in Jenna’s garage and blinded her because the house caught on fire. Ever since that night, she has been plotting and planning by using other characters to do her bidding. She used Hannah’s boyfriend Kaleb to spy on her because Allison hid a video showing that Jenna and her step-brother Tobi were having an inappropriate relationship. Well, I wouldn’t call it just inappropriate because she blackmailed Tobi into having sex with her. Jenna said that she would tell their parents that Tobi forced himself onto her if he didn’t lay down the pipe. Another eye roll!

Check out the series because I would be writing for hours trying to explain this sick bitch tactics. Eventually, she had eye surgery and was able to see again, but she lied about it for three months. It was utterly ridiculous and I wanted to just claw her eyes out at that point. Like, really, why haven’t they killed you off already?

I’m Addicted and I Hate It

Y’all there is so much bullshit that goes on in this series there is no way to address it in one post. I haven’t even seen all the seasons. I must say this, even though “A” was identified, it was just revealed that there is another gives Mona her orders. So here we go again trying to figure out the conspiracy surroundings these girls. Like really, Allison was the straight up bitch, why in the hell are these “A” ass tards torturing them. So far this has been going on for two years. What is the damn point? But I will be visiting netflix to find out more. (sigh)



    1. Girl I to read about what happened and a sista over here pissed off because they went through all this mess and turns out, this bitch Allison had a twin. Im pissed the hell off for real reason. l’m at the point when Spence finds out that Toby was apart of the plot. But we all know what happens at the end.


  1. I’m also a Pretty Little Liars fan, and I’m waiting the new episode so much (maybe it comes tomorrow, if I remember well).. 🙂 First I started to watch, because I was bored and my sister recommended it. The first few parts was really so boring, but after I just can’t stop 🙂


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