Fox News Blames Obama for Ray Rice Elevator Assault

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Oh please! Get a clue!
Oh please! Get a clue!


When considering the credibility of Fox News, not much really shocks you. After the complete Ray Rice elevator footage was released, this idiotic host, Andrea Tantaros, wanted to know why Obama didn’t stand up and make a statement.

“I wanna know, where is the President on this one?” and “Why doesn’t he lead?”

You want to know where he is? He’s updating his wardrobe so his suit colors won’t start another conflict with ISIS or conservative republicans with nothing else better to complain about.

Ray Rice was released from the Ravens today when the footage was released. I sincerely believed they should have fired him when the incident occurred instead of suspending him for two weeks.  The footage is quite disturbing. This man should be in jail.



  1. Do you think Obama is against this kind of thing? Duh. What is his stance on cancer? What about serial rapists? Is he for or against these things? If he doesn’t come out and make a formal statement against these things then the Fox News logic is that he supports them. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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