Offensive Wedding March

I am the last person to easily get offended at nonsense, but I do believe at your wedding you must take into account that there will be children present. Your guests also expect that the bride won’t “drop it like it’s hot” while walking elegantly towards her husband to-be.

I enjoy those cute wedding marches where the bridesmaids and groomsmen are appropriately dancing down the aisle with glee. But yall, this woman’s wedding song has some explicit words plus the stripper moves to match.

Circus Act of the Day




  1. That’s the exact same weeding march that my wife and I had. I get a little teary eyed just thinking about wiggling and singing about “getting fucking laid.” Actually today is my ninth wedding anniversary and boy, am I feeling grateful for my wife today. And what is with those bandanas?


  2. Dang, even my most white-trashiest family members and friends wouldn’t do that in front of kids! I wonder if this couple is going to show their wedding video to their kids someday… I feel awkward enough if my mom tells me she thought my dad was hot back in the day — I can’t imagine if I saw her in a video like this… Hell no…

    And since everybody’s mentioning the bandanas, I’m assuming they represent some biker group thing. Bikers are the only people I know who wear bandanas like that. *shrug* Circus act indeed.


    1. I never thought about their potential affiliation with a biker group. You are right, they do wear them. And I would be embarrassed to show this affair with my kids or grand kids. But i have accepted that this world is filled with so many different types of people we must laugh and keep it moving. lol

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