“Why did you shoot me?”

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Why did you shoot me?

It seems that after many of these shootings that involve a white cop and a black person, there are those who are ready to justify the actions of the cop. Well, just from looking at this video, exactly how can you rationalize the officer’s actions?

This person was stopped for a seat-belt violation as he pulled into a gas station. If you can tell, the dude wasn’t aware that the police was following him until he was asked for his driver’s license. Now when complying with the officer, he quickly reached into his vehicle for the requested item, to be shot four times when he returned, with his wallet in his hand.

Are you still wondering whether this shooting was justified? What about after the victim was shot two more times while his hands were up with his wallet in his hand? Can that at least be factored in to your justification for this man being shot…in broad day light?

I understand that plight of police officers. My mother was a police officer for twenty years and I was scared for her everyday that she walked on shift. However, there has to be some sort of training provided for these officers who are scary as shit every time a person tries to quickly comply with a request.

Popular Idiotic Justifications

1. He shouldn’t have dove into his car: well, since he anxiously reached into his car to comply with the officers demand, he deserves to be shot four times? (eye roll)

2. Well all officers know that black men commit most violent crimes: the problem here is…he was stopped for a seat-belt violation as he pulled in to a gas station. So, does this justify being shot four times? Furthermore, just because there are black criminals, you can’t possibly criminalize an entire population of people. Only idiots say shit like this!

3. Cops must protect themselves: From seat-belt bandits? I understand that this is a hard profession, but officers should also understand how to properly assess a situation. There must be some accountability on the officer’s part. We need smarter officers!

4. The officer felt threatened: This also goes to the officer’s ability to think critically in these situations. If he is pulling this man over for a seat-belt violation at a packed gas station, maybe he isn’t about to rob the place, maybe he is about to…purchase gas (who knew). Any how, you don’t shoot first and say you’re scared later.

I want to know your honest opinions regarding this situation! Would you have shot this person twice more after he put his arms up, with his wallet in the air?


  1. that cop was clearly paranoid. they need lie detector tests for all law enforcement to see whether they are racist. it’s my solution for that shit happening all the time. if you fail the test you can’t be in law enforcement.

  2. Anybody who’d try to justify this is out of their damn mind. Anybody who gets scared that fast, for no reason, and automatically stars shooting, shouldn’t even be allowed to own a gun, let alone wear one day in and day out as a police officer! This is truly outrageous. To answer your question — and no, I’m not a cop, but I’m still pretty sure — hell no, I would not have KEPT shooting this man! I personally wouldn’t have started shooting in the first place, I’m pretty sure… but KEPT shooting when he pulled out his wallet?! No way! WTF?!

    1. I agree. What happened to pointing your gun and shouting the commands but not shooting? He had the draw, for God’s sake.

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    This whole “shoot first, decide whether it was a good idea to shoot later” mentality has got to end. I don’t know what I can really do about all of this injustice in the news (and not in the news). I guess praying for this country’s black men is a start.

  4. This made the news up here in Alberta. My jaw just dropped when I saw the video. That cop was out of his mind. And racist. And paranoid. At least we can be glad he was a terrible shot. He has also been fired and arrested and could face up to twenty years in prison. That poor fucking guy who was shot. You’re on way home from work looking forward to watching Jeopardy and fucking Mad Max shoots you 52 times at a gas station.

  5. There should be across the board standard training for situation assessment, crisis management, along with the usual training for every policing department across the country . There also has to be some kind of test for intelligence, and a full ban on watching Fox News.

  6. The {now fired} LEO put himself in a position where he lost visual contact with the {alleged, at the time} Perp. While I – a white male living N of ‘the line’ – move slowly around LEO’s in these situations, I thing the LEO had some paranoia issues. Why did he ask the guy for his License, then walk away from him? If he had stood there, he would have seen the Dude’s hands were not packed😐

    1. Yeah, I think the officer definitely had paranoia issues as well. I think there should be a more intense screening process before letting them loose on the streets.

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