Month: October 2014

Homeless But Balling Out in Brand New Car!

As someone who believes in giving to the less fortunate, I accept the fact that my money may not be spent on food. Sometimes you give and say that you’ve done your part and let it go. Well, the humble giver in the video above was just fed the hell up with being scammed on a daily basis by a woman who was “balling out of control” in her 2014 ride.

There are mixed opinions about this video. Some think the guy shouldn’t have confronted the old lady, while others were highly offended that her ass was scamming people. Personally, I wouldn’t have approached the lady, but I do understand his frustration. You have people working their asses off everyday while “home-chick” sits outside with a damn sign having money just handed to her.

It’s also important for people to know that many of these homeless folks have government assistance including food stamps. So although they are asking for food, they might have a ‘frige packed with food while you chilling at the house with Ramen Noodles.

Sometimes it is better to donate to organized charities than people on the street because at least you have an idea of what cause you are supporting.