I Don’t Like Mens Anymore

“I don’t like mens no more.”

“I will love a women.”

I’m all for people changing their lives on their own terms, but I just don’t think this was truly a good decision. He not even comfortable using the word women and dating in the same sentence hence the incorrect usage. What straight man you know has to say women five damn times to prove his love of the opposite sex? And I know there are some gay people out there a little pissed that he generalized gay men as wearing purses and makeup. WTH? Did you notice that he started speaking as if he were possessed when talking about “mens“?

Life is a damn circus yall!



  1. OK – I must say my favorite part was when Reverend tells him to run up the aisle because he’s happy he’s saved and Girlfriend makes a flaming dash in both directions! Cannot. Stop. LAUGHING!


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