Fifty Shades of Grey streaming on Amazon

Photo by Ian Gavan
Photo by Ian Gavan

The riveting and sexually explicit film, Fifty Shades of Grey, has made its streaming Amazon debut and is currently available to all the skeptical movie critics who refused to purchase a ticket at the box office.

The initial reviews of the movie were mixed among professional critics and general movie watchers. The critics aggressively attacked the film for a lack of chemistry between the main characters, while regular folk, mainly women, were relatively satisfied with the production.

I was one of those skeptical critics who decided to wait for the streaming version, assuming that the movie was just a tawdry visual replication of the ghastly written novel. If fans of the film are completely honest with themselves, Fifty Shades of Grey is an assemblage of mediocre actors who appear naked in compromising positions without the presence of a significant story line. The directors of the film were heavily dependent on the steamy sex scenes without properly formulating character dynamics. Sex sells, but the lack of a credible story line to fill the void where substance should have parlayed has been detrimental to the credibility of this film.

The characters were flawed individuals who undoubtedly could have used a bit of therapy to sort through their pervasive neuroses. Christian Grey is the most qualified candidate for intense therapeutic intervention, as his character experienced sexual abuse as a minor, and subsequently continued a relationship with his abuser as an adult. He has an inability to engage in healthy relationships, choosing to hang consenting women from the raptors of his million-dollar penthouse in nothing but bare skin and fury handcuffs.

Anastasia Steele may not have suffered childhood abuse, but she definitely struggled with her own ubiquitous distress. She is a twenty-something student who commits to engaging in an erotic relationship with an emotionally handicapped man, and complains when her expectations of a loving relationship are not brought to fruition.

The overall production of the film was quite disappointing and not worth the few dollars it cost on Amazon. We all love sex scenes, but we also enjoy feeling connected to the character and the story. But what did we expect from the movie when the book was so atrociously written?



  1. Love shouldn’t hurt… Giving up your power to someone else, well I’ve seen what happens and it ain’t pretty..


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