Rachel Dolezal Pretended to Be Black

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This topic is perplexing as I have never met one white person who has lived their lives pretending to be Black. I have met white people who assimilated themselves into Black culture due to environmental factors such as residing in a predominantly Black area, but never to the extent as Rachel Dolezal. I have read many comments on #Blacktwitter and I have to say that my response was more of pitty than anger.

Rachel Dolezal may have some identity issues, and she may be mentally ill, but nothing is sadder than your own parents exposing you on national television. I understand that they may feel hurt that she has identified a black man as her real father when both of her parents are white, but dang, they have sparked a nation-wide debate involving their own daughter. My question here is, what happened between Rachel and her parents for her to abandon the identity of her own family? Not only will her story be investigated, so will the parent’s story. What occurred in their family that instigated the identity change?

Yes, there is some backlash on #blacktwitter calling for Rachel to lose her position as the president of the NAACP. Despite what people may think, the NAACP allows persons who are not Black to serve as president, the problem is she misrepresented herself . Usually when politicians gain office under false pretenses, the public demands that the person resign. At this time, Rachel’s position as the president of her local NAACP continues; however, she may have alienated those who voted her in as president. I personally want to know more about her journey in changing her racial identity and what part does her parents play in this situation?

Now as for people calling this #transcolor and #transracial and comparing this situation to Bruce Jenner’s transition, you can kiss my ever loving behind.


    1. Yeah, there are some deeper issues within her family. In a recent interview she stated that her adopted brothers don’t have contact were her parents either. So there is more to the story and I’m sure the peeps at #blacktwitter will uncover the dirty truth. lol

  1. What she did is no different than what Blacks did during Jim Crow to escape racism. Light skinned Blacks tried to “pass” themselves as White as much as they could, with some being very successful at doing so.

    I don’t hold any ill towards her, and I say more power to her if she genuinely wants to help the Black community. I know many Whites who married/dated Blacks and genuinely immersed themselves in the Black culture or community.

    She’s likely to face trouble for application that she checked off that she was Black. However, if she does DNA analysis, she may indeed have some Sub-Saharan African DNA in her system. There was a study released a while back that showed that many White Americans actually have African DNA along with their European DNA.

    1. Yeah, I can’t say that I have any anger towards her. I feel sorry for her. I know one thing, #blacktwitter went smooth off on this lady. They started the twitter trend of #askrachel. lol

  2. I like your charitable response. This woman obviously made a mistake if she did in fact misrepresent herself, and I assume that since she is close to at least one black person she can at least understand why some people are really upset. But you’re right, there’s something going on here, and you’ve gotta feel for somebody who seems to have some deep family and identity issues.

    My question is has she done a good job for the NAACP? Is she the best person to continue that job at this time? I mean, I think that her work should mean something in all of this as well. She’s not a worthless or terrible person simply because she misrepresented her race.

    1. I understand where you’re coming from, but she misrepresented herself to her employer when she didn’t have to. A white person can be the president of the NAACP. A white person can attend historically Black universities. A white person can be a professor of Africano Studies. She didn’t have to misrepresent herself is all. And now that one of her adopted brothers stated that she asked him not to “blow her cover”, it seems deliberate and pathological. I just hope that she gets help to resolve issues within her family and hopefully she addresses whatever issues that caused her to lie in the first place. I wish her nothing but the best. If I were her, I would sell my story for a movie and a novel to at least have an income after such negative press. This is supposed to be a Christian/religious country, its time for us to move on a pray for her.

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