The Prancing Elites Project: Episode 4 and Kentrell’s Protruding Gut

Surprisingly I have fell in love with Oxygen’s Prancing Elites Project and can’t stop watching these males dancing their little hearts out in sequined leotards and flesh toned tights. When the promo commercials were airing I was like, this is gonna be so damn entertaining. My husband, on the other hand, just shook his head and turned away from the television. Most straight men aren’t fans of the show, but so what, that’s their problem.

If you haven’t tuned in, the show follows a dance team of men who perform in women’s uniforms and costumes . Their dancing style is similar to that of female African American dance teams that perform at the university level. The team struggles to book gigs and is often faced with criticism and disdain. Some of the earlier episodes document the constant rejection from parades and events that female dance teams are historically dominant. However, the show isn’t all about the struggles of gay men in leotards trying to be accepted in society. The amusing and flamboyant personalities of each team member elevates the show to an entertaining commodity.

Kentrell’s Protruding Gut

Moving on…Episode 4 thankfully discussed an issue I have been having since the show aired. Kentrell Prancing elite 4has this firm and intimidating stomach that protrudes through all of his leotards. I used to be on a drill team in high school and when purchasing our costumes and uniforms, we had to take into account the weight and shape of each girl. Well, the Prancing Elites keep wearing these skimpy azz uniforms that are quite damaging to Kentrell’s appearance. During their performances I am consistently distracted by his elephantine girth. When episode 4 aired I was relieved that the team members had the courage to speak with him about his protruding gut because this fan was like DAMN!

Dancing Elites on Oxygen


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