The Tea: Facebook Timeline Confessions

imagesThe Tea Is Served: I am getting so sick and tired of people posting all of their personal shyt on Facebook Timeliness. Checking my timeline is like taking a long dark journey through the most deranged thoughts and confessions of the mentally ill. There are posts about getting azz, washing azz, and eating azz on my timeline. To think that I have so many FB friends who are experiencing such adversity…and have the nerve to share this garbage with the world.

Ok…let me stop lying, checking my Facebook timeline is sometimes the most entertaining part of my day, as people have no filter when they are behind their computers and mobile devices. And for some reason, people are getting into Facebook Wars and want to share just how pissed off they are at a friend or relative. My favorite are the passive-aggressive posts in which the pissed off person avoids using a friend’s name, but that friend is fully aware who that post is directed towards. Peep this recent post:

“If any motherf**kers have a problem with me come and see me instead of doing all that bumpin’. I ain’t the one bit*h. If you feel like I’m talking to you than you a guilty motherf#$ker.”

Just let me say this, these people who are having Facebook wars and confessions, are still friends with their families and coworkers. It’s safe to assume that they are also getting these horrific posts in their timelines as well. Do better people!

The Most Ridiculous Confessions on Facebook






    1. lmao! I know many people who have straight up abandoned Facebook because of mess. You have the right idea! I have Facebook because I relocated and its a great way to stay connected to family, but some people use it as a diary and/or a way to talk crap. Its so funny to see how facebook gets people sued everyday on those court shows. lol

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  1. I suppose what you say holds true for most of us who are on FB. But what would you say is the compulsion for people to write and ‘confess’ about all that stuff on FB? What is it that stops them from doing so face to face?


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    1. I’m pretty sure there are people who just don’t have a filter and will share a little too much with their friends, but most Facebook friends aren’t really “friends” per say. When you post something on facebook, all of your so-called friends see it. So If you talking about eating azz on facebook, that means your parents see it, coworkers, etc. I know for a fact I would never tell my family about me eating azz, that is for sure. lmao


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