Gay Rights…SuperGirl Advent!

I didn’t have a personal stake in the decision for gay rights today, but I want to say congrats to all who are impacted by this decision. I’m from the south so I know many people who are enraged at this point. It’s hilarious to see these Facebook posts. When I started seeing comments that included Sodom and Gomorrah I politely exited Facebook and went about my day. It’s not the end of the world people, get over it.

I’m no Gay person or advocate, but what someone does in their bedroom has absolutely nothing to do with me and my family. People should be able to live their lives without judgement from me, who is far from perfect. I am a Christian and my heart tells me to leave this matter to God because I am a sinner like the next man. We can sit here and argue about what the bible says till the cows come home, we live in a nation where there is supposed to be a separation of church and state, so there was absolutely no legal basis for denying any entire group of people the right of marriage.

Now lets get to the responses from the Conservatives because you know they are about to come up with the most ignorant azz shyt you will ever see and hear on this matter.

I laughed from a very healthy place when I heard this nonsense. Ted Cruz actually said “Today is the Darkest 24 Hours in our nations history.” Well, I’m pretty sure I can come up with a few examples that could be considered worst than granting healthcare to Americans, and allowing gay people to marry each other. It was a pretty dark day when some racist idiot murdered nine people while they were having bible study. So excuse me Mr. Cruz if I can’t co-sign your bull shyt like Hannity did throughout this interview of you whining like a little bytch. I’m waiting for the responses from Bill Oreilly and the rest of the conservative horde to give their biases/hateful opinion about the SCOTUS decision. Maybe Fox News will leave the United States and relocate to Canada. Let them deal with all the hateful shyt spread by this crap network.


6 thoughts on “Gay Rights…SuperGirl Advent!”

  1. Imagine Ted Cruz as president.. No thanks… Notice Lindsey Graham is a
    quiet that life long bachelor he is…


      1. He actually looks creepy, like a devout preacher who is later brought up on charges… Rev Ted Cruz was led away in handcuffs..”

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  2. What a freaking CLOWN! I swear the worst part of debates in this country is the hyperbole and flat out crazy shit conservative people will say. Why can’t they be like, “I think this’ll have negative consequences. We’ll see in coming years,” instead of various reiterations of “The sky is falling”? Come on, people. No, the world isn’t ending just because you didn’t get your way.

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  3. LOl I read about all those “threats” by politicians and others saying they want to go to Canada to “escape”…I might be mistaken, but hasn’t Canada allowed same-sex marriage in some form for about ten years now? Not to mention a public health system?

    I’m just happy for people who can get married now. That’s why I wanted same-sex marriage before-I’m straight and have a great marriage, so I want others to have the same. Is that bad?

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