Borderlines are the Antichrist

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Time to serve some tea…

Since living in California, I have run across some of the weirdest folks on the planet. Let me just say this…the weird ones are the most honest and genuine. It’s the posers that I have to look out for these days. The fakes, the inauthentic, the personality crooks are the ones destroying the world around us. I love when someone can just come out and say exactly what they are thinking without feeding me a plate of bullshit. Let me know the real you is all I’m saying, and from there I can assess whether you qualify as a friend or foe.

I go on this rant because I experienced a situation years ago when a close friend turned out to be a common psychopath with Borderline Personality disorder. Although I come across these types of folks working in my particular field often, I’ve never met someone who was an identical twin to the chick in the movie “Gone Girl” until this chick walked her massive ass into my university. For all of you who aren’t hip to the mental health lingo, a person with borderline personality disorder is very sophisticated in manipulation and are experts in drawing in potential victims under the guise of friendship. The first few encounters are euphoric, as you dare to release your most inner thoughts to this new pleasant and loyal friend. Those with BPD will use your weakness against you just to fulfill whatever goal thats been stiring in their warped brain.

So as I was saying about this borderline bitch who victimized me to a point where people who I had known and loved were turning their backs on me because this sophisticated little borderline was such a cunning genius. I thought I had found a life long friend, but in the end, the people I cared about would spit on my grave on account of this tawdry little hoe-bag. She was able to infiltrate my inner circle, plant the seeds of destruction, and sit back while I simmered in misery. She fooled everyone. But the thing about borderlines, people always see the big picture in the end. After your relationships have been fragmented and you are defeated by the exhaustion of defending yourself, people start to see what you were fighting all along. As soon as you let your guard down, the Borderline bitch, guts you for all you’ve got for purposes of making herself feel better. Borderlines often try to make themselves out to be victims. They elicit sympathy from unsuspecting bystanders by drawing people in with their attractive personality. As long as the borderline perceives you as an alley in their emotional trainwreacked-universe, you will remain in their good graces. You will be shielded from their utter destruction until next time. But if you try to establish yourself as a prominent individual, their anxiety is heightened, and self-preservation as the queen or king bee is kick started.

Self-preservation for a borderline is much more intense than regular folk. Borderlines intentionally establish themselves with a specific profile that serves as their personal signature or persona to draw in unsuspecting victims to fulfill their positive self-esteem quota. If you’ve ever interacted with a borderline, you are aware that they have very low self-esteem and often turn to drugs, eating disorders, or promiscuity to fill a dark empty hole that is their soul.

In my borderline’s case…it was an eating disorder…meaning her big ol’ ass was unable to say no to warm donuts at 2 AM. No matter how many friends she held hostage with her captivating personality, she was always in “destruction mode” when an individual wanted to exercise their right to be a unique individual.


  1. well you just lost yourself a subscriber with your hate filled vitriol this morning. additionally you have revealed your ignorance about BPD bc what you describe is not borderline behavior. Grow up and take responsibility for your own relationships.

  2. Do you mind if I ask where you’re from? Because I’m from Florida, which is kind of a cultural mix between New York, Puerto Rico, and the South… and since I’ve been in California (about four years total), that first paragraph described my observations exactly.

    1. Your symptoms may not fit this person’s, but I do deal with these personalities on a daily basis. Not all are bad, but the ones I’ve met have been. So it’s my blog and I will spew whatever nonsense I want. You don’t like it…you can tear your BPD on. You are dismissed. And just to let you know, ask any professional about the depths of this disorder and you will at least gain a little more knowledge. So. My blog. My shit. My experiences. My world. Been blogging here for a few years now and could care less about your feelings. Not getting paid for subscribers. So bye…

      1. Oh here we go…argumentative borderline. Well if you want to keep this going, which is another symptom of your disorder, we can do that just to meet your need for intense drama.

      2. Another attempt to draw me in to your chaotic little world. Like Steve Wilcos says right before throwing a chair…get the hell off my page. You must like visiting me since you keep commenting. I will have the last word on this blog chick.

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