Morbidly Obese and Still Beautiful? Bih Where?

After having a few babies, and struggling with the adversities of life, your weight may fluctuate through the years. Sometimes hitting the gym just isn’t in the cards when you have to pick of two small children after working full time, and still have to get home to do research for a dissertation. So, its safe to assume that I am a curvy woman. Thick in the areas where it counts I guess. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself no matter the size, but when I look at this video, all I see is someone who struggles to get up a flight of stairs, and who is obviously lying about her blood pressure. This heifer said that her blood pressure was at “athletic levels.” Bih stop lying! When my weight starts increasing, my blood pressure shoots through the roof and I start hearing my heart beat in my ears. No way in hell she is healthy at 400 pounds. Then this Bih said her number one goal in life is to reach 500 pounds. Well good luck with getting laid. There are some men who are turned on by morbidly obese women, but exactly what avenue the guy will take to get the cookie is beyond me. 

While the “model” gorged herself with odd combinations of food items, she stood around naked most of the video. It’s cool to love your size, but why show your naked azz for the world to see? There are plenty of big beautiful women who demonstrate their bountifulness while properly dressed. She said after high school she went straight into “online work”. Well what ever happened to attending college, or a trade school, or anything else other than eating for a living?

Now, the mother may have some untreated mental health issues here. This loser encourages her daughter to be weird and icky online. When I gain weight, my mother is the first to say, “ooh you din’ gained weight, boo boo.” No way in hell would she encourage me to gain weight, take off my clothes, and post half naked pictures on the internet. And let me say this, if my mother found me eating for money online she would beat my grown naked azz and drive me down to the nearest university to get an education.



  1. OK, I follow u but I don’t talk much. I would love to see your curves in the right place 😜but have not seen a pic of you…

    I’m a Kung fu teacher, from Austin, for now. And I love Cali too. But why the stress you have going on here lately?

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    1. Lmao. I guess I’m a little stressed out and need to vent about any and everthing. I haven’t shown a picture of myself because of the type of work I do. I interact with the public a lot. Yeah, I’ve noticed my ranting has gotten a bit out of hand…but I love to let loose and talk crazy. It’s an outlet! Thanks for following me.

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  2. Yes, not remotely attractive. Also a drain on society in terms of healthcare. I find it completely disgusting on every level. But fair point about the nutso influence about the mother. Have a bit more sympathy in light of that.

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  3. Opinionated Mommy, I understand, life and the state of the world has me stressed too. You are not alone. And there is plenty that I would like to vent and vomit up to everyone out there, but that is not fitting to come out of a “Kung Fu Teachers” mouth. This is one reason you are 1 of 3 people total I follow online, bc in a sense, I find release in you venting for me. And…you make me laugh…most the time;)
    But do something for me please, bc you seem to have your hands full with all that you are trying to accomplish and achieve…and I want to help… Remember that none of us are perfect…and that every individual human being has a finite amount of energy. Whether a person chooses to release their energy (in whatever form..e.g. “venting” ..or even helping another) or to keep it and nourish it, ultimately determines the quality and quantity of his/her own life.
    So in short, keep some for yourself!
    And nourish it…
    How does that Blackalicious song First in Flight go?… “Meditation, meditation, meditation..”
    Take care and good luck with everything!
    Chillbill signing off

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