Month: December 2015

President Donald Trump…Just no!

Donald Trump has absolutely no inkling of class and has no business on a podium spewing his nonsense. Some of his Republican colleagues tolerate him because they are from the same gang, and wear the same colors…but mostly, you can see the utter disgrace in the eyes of every Republican once they’ve seen or heard yet another ridiculous rant by Mr. Trump.

His antics may draw a few chuckles from the crowd, but can he demonstrate just a smidgen of the grace and professionalism that our current President and First Lady have as they represent our country phenomenally? I think not.

No one wants a raving lunatic representing their country. Can you imagine those puckered lips screaming at the Prime Minister of Britain because his tea was too cold, or go to war because they don’t have the right kind of toilet paper in China? I do. And as insane as these examples might be, there is nothing more insane than even uttering the words, President Trump. Just No!