The Potty Mouth

What have I learned about myself today? That my potty mouth has negatively progressed over the past few months. Some of the things that spew out of my mouth are atrocious, and borders on pathological. My continued anger issues are constantly creeping up out of me, showing the ugly side of me in times of stress and frustration. But mostly, during times of utter nonsense when I can’t ignore people’s human infractions, the expletives are released from my mouth as if its a first language.

Failed Anger Management Statements of the day:

  • He is full of shyt!
  • Oh eff that biotch!
  • There is a stop sign effer! (middle finger pointing straight up)
  • They can kiss my motha effing azz.
  • I don’t give a eff!
  • Just go the eff away

Want to know why I can’t stand humans sometimes…look at this nonsense below. What is our world coming to? geez….




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