Still Voting for Hillary?

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Hillary lied! She lied to the American people about her damn email server. Hillary assured America that she did not send confidential or top secret emails through her private server. FBI’s director, James Comey, made it clear that she sent multiple emails that were “top secret”, and then went so far as to claim that she “may have” been hacked in the process of using this email server. This is damaging news to the Clinton campaign, no doubt.

Ok, here is the tea! Director Comey said “no charges are appropriate,” which also means that she is not a criminal, just someone who said “f@*k the rules, I’m a Clinton.”If she were a regular employee at a regular job, she would have been wrote up or recieved a verbal reprimand…or maybe even terminated from her position.

I believe that Hillary lied her azz off regarding the email server, and they proved this information after spending millions of tax payer dollars. Am I surprised? Hell knaw! Am I still voting for Hillary? Hell Yes!

At this point in the election process, when there are two candidates full of bull shyt, you have to choose the lesser evil. Hillary lied and politicians often tell the public lies, especially during an election cycle. But there is nothing that Hillary can do at this point to make me vote for Donald Trump. The man is an orange, stubby little character who is often whining about how the media treats him. Bill Maher described him so elegantly, calling him a #whineylittlebitch.

It seems that every speech Donald Trump blesses us with, he sounds like a raving lunatic verging on senility. Just today, he was making a speech and had to stop in the middle of the speech to acknowledge an insect flying by, and proceeded to calling the insect Hilary Clinton. Take a look and have a good laugh.



  1. These two candidates make people not even want to participate in the election, but the important thing to remember is that this election also includes voting for your state governors, so not voting hurts you more than you may think. State governors have more influence over your daily lives than presidents because state governors make the laws that directly effect you. So even though these two candidates aren’t ideal for running the country, voting in November is still essential.

    1. Although I don’t feel all warm and fuzzy about Hillary Clinton, there is really no other option. When Obama ran for president, I felt this connection that I couldn’t explain. But with Hillary, I’m like, damn what other option do I have. I’m definitely not voting for the orange Donald.The man is a cartoon character who has no idea about foreign policy and I’m offended with his immigration policies, and I ain’t even Mexican or Islamic. I know so many Mexican people who are hard workers, who provide for their families. And to think this orange moron wants to “humanely” deport millions of people from this country, I just think he is the devil. So I am voting for Hillary because she is the lesser of two evils. She has experience, despite the fact that she lied about the emails.

      1. Yes, this is definitely a lesser-of-two-evils choice. I wish the nominee was someone I was enthusiastic about. For the record I never jumped on the Bernie Bandwagon (I would have preferred Elizabeth Warren, or even Joe Biden), but if he were the Democratic nominee, I’d vote for him.

        ANYONE but Trump. #NeverTrump

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