GOP Health Plan Collapses, Trump Acts Like Baby Man

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Last night I prayed for our country and asked God not to allow the orange baby-man to strip 24 million Americans of health care. Today, He answered my prayers, and I’m pretty sure millions of American prayers. Trump and the Republicans introduced a bill, The American Healthcare Act, that was immoral, and would have catastrophic consequences to the poor, the middle class, and senior citizens. I think we all know someone who has costly health issues. We have individuals struggling with cancer, and cancer survivors who are living with the aftermath of chemotherapy and surgeries. No matter the cost to American lives, the orange baby man wanted to push through with this catastrophic healthcare bill and not because it would benefit Americans, but to make him look like he’s fulfilling campaign promises. Well, governing is totally different from running a campaign Mr. Orange President. You have to make decisions for those other than yourself and your millionaire and billionaire peers.

I was watching Rachel Maddow last night, and she covered Americans begging their congressman not to take their Obamacare because without it, insurance companies would drop them due to their health conditions. I couldn’t help but feel their pain. The problem here is, Donald Trump doesn’t understand real American problems. Its the teacher who suffers from Lupus, or the construction worker who was injured on his job and can no longer work. Trump’s life is all about trips to the “Winter White House” and golfing with his corporate buddies, and allegedly getting pissed on by Russian hookers. Exactly what does he know about the working man and woman? What does he know about the cancer patient who still has to work to ensure chemotherapy is covered to stay alive? He knows nothing and cares about no one but himself.

I’m gonna go out on a very short limb and say Donald Trump had no idea how horrible this 17458231_1258528550863380_1754286319214807254_nhealthcare bill was for Americans. He has been chilling and just allowing Paul Ryan to manipulate his dumb azz into just presenting anything. As long as Trump can do the fun things, like play in a Diesel Truck on the White House lawn, he could care less about what horrific laws or policies that the Republicans place on his desk to sign. He just wants to be popular and worshiped. Want proof? Why is his dumb azz still doing rallies? I mean come on! You have won the most powerful position in the world. You lied and conned your way to the top, but you still won the White House. There is no need to prove yourself, because you won. The American people are footing the bill for you to fly to whatever destination you please for recreational purposes. We get to finance protection for your wife and your son who reside in New York City. And lets not pretend, we know you and your wife are separated because your 70 year old azz goes over seas to allegedly get pissed on by Russian hookers.

In the end, I blame the portion of Americans who thought it smart to vote for a conman reality star who refused to releases his tax returns, and who they heard bragging about grabbing women by their kitty cats. You thought this individual was distinguished enough to be the President of the United States? You thought this man who ran a campaign of hate and division would some how care about your health, your struggles, your family?

On the day that everyone voted, a reporter interviewed a woman who said that she voted for Trump because she had an autistic child at home, and she wanted to make sure that healthcare was available. She trusted that Trump would put her needs first, and he would make sure that her child had all the services he needs. Well, I have a son that has autism and I would never depend on a conman to deliver any type of benefits for my child. He does not care about your child. I looked at this woman sideways. Are you that gullible? What has Donald ever done to show that he has compassion for poor and middle class Americans? He spoke about building a wall, he spoke about getting rid of illegals, and he spoke about curing inner cities of violence, not understanding that all black people don’t reside in the inner cities. This man never gave you his plan to improve healthcare, he just told you to trust him and the benefits would be “bigly.” Well, after the orange twat grabber was elected, people filled the streets with their signs to show their disapproval of Trumps travel ban and his healthcare plans…after YOU voted for him.

17309462_10154371749366179_3702519822082413808_nToday was a win for all Americans, but there is still a lot of damage to be done. Trump was your choice because you didn’t want Hillary and her email server problems in Washington. Well, lets hope Trump doesn’t start selling off parts of the United States to Russia to keep them from releasing evidence that he colluding with them to rig the election against Hillary. Lets hope that the self-serving conman with  no class make decisions in our best interest and not Putin’s. People are scared because they can no longer sleep comfortably in their beds at night because they know that Orange Twat will start the next World War via Twitter. Bet y’all missing “no-drama” Obama right about now.




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