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This man, my President. I don’t want to sound like a horn dog, but lawd have mercy, goodness gracious he is wearing this damn suit. I’m not used to our past presidents being sexy like this.

Ok, ok! His entire family was there too. I do love the O family though. They just seem like great people. Hope they don’t mind me lusting all over the internet.


    1. Girl yes! It’s like he turned back the clock because when he was in office, it looked like he
      had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Now he like “watch me rock these designer suits like a g btches.” I ain’t mad at him. He deserves to be happy after what republicans put him through for eight years.

  1. My theory is that Obama use burners so he won’t get hacked because android and iPhones are mini computers. Obama be like, “shiyyt, y’all ain’t about post my damn emails on Wikipedia…I mean Wikileaks.”

    I know a lot of people with flip phones and they like the simplicity of a flip phone. Maybe Obama is old school.

  2. lol at this post and about the flip phone, he did an interview where he explained for the longest they wouldn’t “allow” him to have a Smart phone and then he finally got one, but it was almost like having a kiddie phone because he still couldn’t really do anything on it lol

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