Flight Attendants Gone Wild

Here we go again y’all! Maybe there is something in the water that only poisons flight attendants because they have been acting quite irate lately. In the last few weeks, the media has been plagued with the United Airlines passenger debacle in which airline employees chose a random gentleman to man-handle and then drag off the plane.

Today, I wake up to another incident where passengers are being abused on a plane, only this time, it’s American airlines. I bet United Airlines executives are too excited that media attention has been scaled back to unapologetically drag American airlines like the bastards they are. In the video, we only see the aftermath of the situation, but the crying woman and the irritated flight attendant tells us all we need to know.

I’ve said in the past that SOME flight attendants can be rude btches, and act like their job is the most stressful on the planet. Well, let me tell you stank azz flight attendants something, I have a very stressful job where I deal with the mentally ill and drug addicted on a daily basis and you don’t see me physically assaulting and verbally abusing people.

And the nerve of this “fight attendant” to act crazy with a passenger carrying a baby just pisses me all the way off. I have flown with crying babies before, and it’s no fun adventure, I can attest to that. She was probably already stressed out from having to transport a hollering azz, heavy azz infant onto a plan. This employee should have made her flight experience a little easier, not totally fck it up.

What’s really sad is after the incident, the flight attendant became confrontational with another passenger who was obviously upset with the way he treated this woman and her child. Good for him for standing up to flight bullies. Meanwhile, the airline is being senselessly dragged via Twitter:

This isn’t the first time  airline employees have acted as if they rule the world of flight. A few weeks prior to United Airlines instructing security to drag a paying customer off their plan, United also banned teenage girls from wearing tights on the flight because they were flying with a flight voucher. I understand that there are policies regarding flight vouchers, but what douche bag created a dress code for certain passengers? No one knows that they were paying with vouchers accept for airlines staff. Exactly what will a teenage girl in tights do other than sit in her seat listening to the latest digital release from Taylor Swift? These ridiculous policies, coupled with rude azz flight attendants makes flying scary as hell.



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