Political Punditry: Top 5 Worst CNN Correspondents

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Due to the political climate in America, political commentators have become the  rock stars of the media elite. Some have emerged as sanctimonious nut jobs, while others have made a name for themselves as opponents of the Trump administration. No matter what team a correspondent is playing for, political correspondents have become fixtures on popular cable news networks to deliver the platforms of their respective party.

With the election of a Trump administration, class was thrown out with the bath water. He gave the green light for racist and ignorant bastards to openly treated people like shyt. This trend has also spread into cable news syndicates. Unfortunately, there are a hand full of corespondents who get on our last nerves, and those who belong in the deepest crevices of hell.

Check out my 5 worst CNN commentators…

Jeffrey Lord

I don’t know how much the Trump administration is paying Jeffrey Lord, but it must be a hefty sum of money for him to embarrass himself on a nightly basis on CNN. I’ve watched Don Lemon for a long time now, and usually he is very calm and objective; however, since Lord started visiting the show, Don’s patience has deteriorated significantly. After Lord compared Trump to Martin Luther King, Don abandoned all proper decorum.


Katrina Pierson

Although it seems that Katrina Pierson has disappeared into the Trumpy abyss, she definitely was one of the most controversial pundits representing the far right. My favorite moment was when she said that Obama took into Afghanistan, even though that occurred under George Bush in 2001, and Obama wasn’t elected until 2008. She was an utter annoyance.


Kayleigh McEnany

Another Trump surrogate who is void of all common sense. This cow has an excuse or theory about every dumb mistake Trump makes. After the orange buffoon declared that Obama wiretapped him at Trump Tower, this walking nut job mercilessly defending him…when it was so obvious that the orange nitwit was lying through his false teeth.

Kellyanne Conway

The queen of “alternative facts” is probably the most annoying commentator and adviser to the orange president. What’s so annoying is all the media outlets allow her to come on their shows and tell a stack of lies just to get a boost in ratings. The lady looks like she woke up out of the sewer and decided she wanted to be on national television. In every interview, the broad never answers questions, and deflects when she knows she sounds like an idiot.


Bill O’reilly (Okay, so he was on Fox news…big deal!)

Billy Boy was recently fired…thank goodness. O’reilly was a staunch support of Donald Trump, who will undoubtedly be appointed a position in Trumps lowly administration. I couldn’t stand how Bill would defend Trump, even when he was being a total moron. But, as they say, birds of a feather…


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