The Trump Chronicles

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I am always proud of my buddies on Facebook who like to senselessly drag the shyt out of individuals who make fools out of Americans. It seems as of late, our own POTUS has made a fool of the US on quite a few occasions.

Here is our President shoving a NATO minister so he can be in the front of his posse.

And let’s not forget this Children of the Corn inspired photograph with the Pope. Looks like the Pope has just come face to face with Lucifer and his clan of demons.


Let the dragging begin!

Comedy Central had me in tears as they pretty much teased the president for acting like a pre-schooler; which is many people’s assessment of Trump since he whines and has tantrums via Twitter and other right-wing media sources. I had a hearty, healthy laugh during and after my viewing.

We often expect television networks to poke fun of our politicians, but Americans via Facebook can be very harsh when expressing their political outrage.


And then this…


Lmao! And then this…


Sometimes I find myself feeling sorry for Trump…okay that was a bald faced lie. I enjoy seeing our President look like a total fool as he doesn’t seem to care that he is making all Americans look like fools.

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