Toothaches Are Worst Than Giving Birth

Not to diminish the intense labor pains of birth, but I have a major toothache that is so excruciatingly painful that I would rather be squeezing another human being out of my lady-bits than feeling like this. At least when giving birth you’re given the good pain medication. I went to the dentist a few days ago and these damn fools prescribed me some Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Let me not leave out the fact that they were drilling my freaking toothe for over an hour!

I understand that addiction to prescription drugs  is on the rise, but who do I have to slap silly to get a good pain killer for this damn tooth that cost $1200 to fix? If I’m spending my money for a painful procedure, I expect to get medication that will put me on my azz for just a few hours so I won’t be hurting like this.

I have noticed that throughout the years, physicians have been more inclined to prescribe Ibuprofen 800mg for pain. I was even prescribed Ibuprofen after giving birth, but it was taken with a stronger pain medication. I understand that healthcare professionals are skeptical about prescribing controlled drugs, but sometimes they are required. I shouldn’t have to run to Target and rip open an Orajel antiseptic rinse before I get to the checkout line. Hell, I’m in the parking lot right now looking like a crackhead ripping open my BC aspirin packets and desperately consuming the powder.

People are always bragging about how going to the dentist is more pleasant with significant advancements in technology and medicine. The dentist even said, “you’ll only experience a bit of soreness after the procedure.” Well what I’m feeling now is more than “a little soreness.” I have to admit that during my procedure, I felt nothing but pressure; however, afterwards It felt like someone gave me a good azz whooping on the entire right side of my face. No damn Tylenole or Ibuprofen gonna deal with this type of pain. I’m calling and cussing someone out if they don’t prescribe me some narcotics! And no I’m not addicted to prescription drugs, but gosh damnit I’m gonna damage my organs by popping these damn aspirins and Ibuprofen like candy.


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