Do You Hate Your Job?

I used to love my field and my job! I would wake up early energized and with a little pep in my step, and I would go to sleep at night excited for the next day. That was before I had children and a husband.

It’s like there was an entire personality shift that occurred between graduating college and having the last baby. Me and my co-workers used to hang out and talk shyt about our cases. We had girly sleepovers and just stayed up talking about life and randomness. It seemed that every place I went, I met new life long friends and we had a ball.

Now, I take my sweet time in the morning, dreading to walk in those doors to deal with the constant bytching and moaning that comes with the job. Not even putting in much effort for socializing, not giving a flying shyt. I’m exhausted. I’m just trying to make it through the day without cussing or throwing my shoe at the public.


5 thoughts on “Do You Hate Your Job?”

      1. I meant at this particular job? Even with a good job I don’t think your experience is unusual. I like the place I work too, but it’s 17 years now, so some of it starts to wear on you.


      2. I think I have gotten burned out with this job. This particular one only for a few years, but in my field it’s the same work everywhere you go. I think it’s time to try something new.


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