Athletes Kneeling Offends, But Donald Trump Acting Like A Dotard Is Acceptable

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In the three months that I have been gone from my blog, Donald Trump‘s behavior has become more irate and disgusting. In addition to Donald Trump being a total azzhole, our fellow Americans have also demonstrated that they too harbor the same racist tendencies as the simple narcissist.

Fifty Thirty Eight Colin

Colin Kaepernick started a silent protest some months ago, which ultimately caused him to be blackballed from the NFL. Colin clearly explained his reason for not standing for the National Anthem; however, recently, our disgusting President called the protest disrespectful to the American flag and veterans. Anyone with a brain knows that the protest was to bring attention to police brutality and racial inequality in America. NFL football players are just as patriotic as the racist and idiotic fans.

It seems that no matter the topic, Donald Trump is always willing to throw fuel on the fire as a deflection from his own poor performance as president. The situation with North Korea hasn’t been resolved because Trump keeps calling Kim Jong Un fukin “Rocket Man.” I understand that Americans wanted someone different to “drain the swamp,” but couldn’t y’all have picked someone with a brain, a smidge of empathy, and not being a bigot would have been a plus. So since you want to “make America Great Again” we are stuck with a dotard who continues having rallies after he won the presidency.

We can’t forget his recent faux pas of not giving a flying shyt about the brown Americans across the “big water” in Puerto Rico. And yes, our disgusting president actually said “big water” during a speech about the government’s slow response in assisting the Americans of Puerto Rico. He had the damn nerve to tweet that…

“…they want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort.”

Now, let us not forget that the Americans of Puerto Rico were hit with two hurricanes, not just one like Texas and Florida. Does Donald Trump not understand that people were starving and thirsty, and had just lost everything. If his orange stank azz was caught in the middle of Puerto Rico with no money or the secret service, his azz would be balled up crying in a ditch somewhere. Where is his empathy? And why is he having twitter exchanges while American citizens are dying?

He was more concerned about Black athletes kneeling for the National Anthem when he could have been working tirelessly to ensure that the recovery efforts would be sufficient after the hurricane. Both the people of Puerto Rico and Donald Trump were informed about the catastrophic effects of the hurricane a few days prior. At first, Donald Disgusting Trump and his “administration” did not address the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, and only when the media started covering his lacking response did he try…TRY…to care. Instead of at least giving Americans a false sense of empathy, he started criticizing a Mayor in Puerto Rico who was begging the President for help.

When does the President grow the fck up? Well, actually, that is the wrong question to ask because he is too old to change. When will the Republicans get fed up with his inability to shut the fck up via twitter?  When will the Republicans get fed up with Trump dividing America and bringing us to the brink of a race war in this country? When will someone step in and force this disgusting man-toddler to stop referring to an insane dictator as “little rocket man?” Dont’ worry, I’ll wait.

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