Political Adventures

Trump Makes “Pocahontas” Slur at Navajo Event: Stop Making Excuses for this Infantile Infected Twat

Immediately after a Navajo Code Talkers Event at the White House, the twat [Donald Trump] apologists wanted to minimize the President’s racial slur, asserting that the American people should be accustomed to hearing the leader of the free world speak like an infantile, infected twat (Not that infected twats speak, but whatever!).

Cosplay While Black: Not Just For Getting Nasty

There are indeed African American/Black Cosplayers who enjoy the subculture for the versatility of transforming themselves into super and magical

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Inappropriate Thoughts Fueled By A Sangria Mix

The two horrible human beings, Charles Manson and Donald Trump, were on my mind while drinking a pleasant beverage.

Would You Have An Affair With Donald Trump?

Let’s just put the question out there. He is the most powerful man on the planet right now, and he has chubby, but swift twitter fingers. He has a gold-plated apartment and billions of dollars at his disposal. He’s authorized to wipe entire countries off the face of the planet with nuclear weapons. Considering this information, would you have an affair with Donald Trump?

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