Would You Be Friends With A Witch?

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I’m gonna get myself into trouble with my Christian friends and family, but I was randomly thinking about judgmental people, and since Halloween just passed, I wanted to pose the question, “Would you be friends with a witch?” For those of you who are educationally impaired because you choose not to use Wikipedia or pay attention in your psychology of religion course in college, a witch is not only a scary costume you wear once a year to scare the neighborhood tricks…or treaters (lol).

Wiccan_altar_(1)According to our Wikipedia source, it explains witch craft as “…a nature religion that celebrates the turning of the wheel (or the changing of the seasons).” Now that the educationally impaired has a minor idea of what witchcraft entails, would you still be friends with, or even associate with someone who practices Wicca/Witchcraft?

My answer is, hell yeah! Let me explain my position here. We walk among each other everyday and we are so judgmental about people’s lives, and we talk shyt about each other behind each other’s backs.

If I came across a nice and generous human being who also identified as a witch, I wouldn’t mind calling her my friend. Anyway, just think about the perks of having a witch as your home-girl. If people you can’t stand get out of line, your witchety home-girl can put a spell on their azzes.  My spell requests would be crazy too. I would want people to have horrible smelling flatulence for a job interview, or extreme arm pit itch during a date.

And in the mean time, some of our non-witchety, unmarried and married friends are eating a different person’s azz out every weekend. My point is that we not judge people because of their beliefs or actions, but to keep an open mind a move on.


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