Would You Piss in a Pee Pee Contraption?

The pee pee revolution has swept across the internet via sites like Wish and other websites originating from China. Every ad that I see that involves pissing, has some weird looking device that you put against your genitals to release your inner moisture. Do people from China believe that we have no working pissing facilities, because I have seen several different versions of pissing contraptions around the net?
My question to you is, would you piss in a pee pee bag or contraption? Here in California there are some avid campers who are happily frolicking in the woods and interacting with nature. What happens when you’ve walked too far from the outdoor bathroom and you can’t hold your piss any longer? You take out your piss contraption and hide behind a tree to get your business done, right?
This may sound like great invention for lady campers and those who are on the road a lot, but I would rather wear an adult diaper where I can piss and shyt as many times as I like, and then clean up my mess when I get back to the outdoor bathroom. Who wants to pull down their pants, and underwear in public, and piss in a tube? And if you’re camping, what if some dangerous insect bits you in the azz? There are no benefits to using this product.

And lets not forget the legal implications of exposing your genitals in front of small children campers. You’d be labeled a sex offender for the rest of your life. Just say “no” to pee pee devices. Next time you’re at the beach, just go sit in the sea and piss where no genitals are shown and its culturally acceptable.


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