The Professional Woman and Sequin Ballet Shoes

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I have accepted that blogging continues to be a therapeutic outlet for the anger that builds inside of me from the daily nonsense that I endure from general daily hassles, careers, and family. We are so connected to social media and are exposed to the many tragedies that occur around our country and the world due to technological advances, I’m surprised there aren’t hordes of people sitting on a therapist’s couch right now suffering with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

The future of our lives and our country is unknown, and every message we receive from the white house is ambiguous. The communications secretary, Sarah Huckabee, appears days away from having a stroke from all the utter bullshyt she spouts at press conferences. She recently celebrated a birthday, and she’s in her early thirties. Unfortunately, all the lying and stress has aged her ten years. Home chick looks more like she’s forty five going on fifty. But who knows, maybe she had a hard life…yeah the fck right…she is the daughter of a politician.

We have an infantile moron in the White House, and the majority Republican Party continues to support our orange stinging-vagina-in-chief, because they want their tax plan passed. Americans aren’t idiots. We know that the Republicans are all about satisfying their billion dollar donors. We also know that Democrats are weak, sloppy, hairy genitals who are good for nothing and refuse to get their hands dirty for the cause of rescuing the republic from a disgusting and sexually motivated president who enjoys pissing on Russian prostitutes. If our president wanted to piss on prostitutes, he should have employed American prostitutes which would have been exceedingly beneficial to our economy and also demonstrate his loyalty to our American sex workers.

What are professional women doing to get through this politically chaotic phase in our country’s history? Personally, I have turned to blogging about my hate for the president, and drinking a little/lot of alcoholic beverages on the weekends just to forget that any day Donald Trump can start another World War because someone didn’t greet him properly, or a Russian sex worker didn’t gently massage his alleged very small manly parts to his liking.

I recently put myself on a political diet as everything in the media was negative and about our disgusting president who uses twitter while shyting on his golden toilet. I must say that my anger level decreased significantly without the daily idiocy; however, I find that if I fail to stay informed, I will be ignorant of the bull shyt bills the Republicans are passing to get rid of Obamacare and chip away at women’s rights. But the few weeks that I have been ignorant of the disaster that is Donald Trump and the Republican controlled government, I’ve been relatively at peace, and experiencing decreased levels of anxiety.

Politically, women are significantly affected as most bills passed regarding our reproductive rights are presented by men, and we still aren’t receiving equal salaries as the me occupying the same career positions. Just jotting these words down serves as my weekly therapy session. Instead of complaining to some decrepit idiot who times how long I speak about my problems, I can write until I can’t any longer. And I could care less about people disagreeing with my opinions because if you disagree, you must be an ignoramus with no common sense.

I am a professional woman who works my azz off, and at the end of the day, my parenting skills maybe considered sub-par, and I just want to jump into the nearest bed and fall right to sleep after dealing with other people’s disastrous life decisions. But that’s not reality. After leaving your full time job, you are going to the most important job, which is being a wife and mother. All of the drama that you have endured for over 9 hours is basically insignificant when you are caring for a family after working all day.

The reality of professional women is that we often are encompassing many roles at once, and are expected by society to perfect our roles to assist with the financial security of the family, while also ensuring that our husbands are not fcking the waitress that served him extra pudding at Denny’s, and that our children are not bullying their peers in school. I know for sure that my two year old be stealing people food as if he doesn’t get enough food to eat at home. His stomach is like a bottomless pit.

Fortunately, I am one woman who has a husband who is very involved with his babies, and leads his family adequately when my career prevents me from being perfect at my society assigned roles. He isn’t fcking the pudding waitress, but if he is, I know that he would at least wear a condom out of respect of his wife. I’m just talking shyt right now because I have the greatest husband on the planet. He is my best friend and my strength. He decreases the stresses that we speak about at 3AM because our babies are sleep assassins who won’t allow us to have a full eight hours of sleep.

ferak nasty ballet shoes 2

Okay, my blog therapy session is over and I’m ready to put the babies to bed and perform wifely duties that only the hubby can appreciate. Where are my green sequin ballet shoes, its time to get creative.

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  1. Love this article. I just wish that back in the day when I was a career working women that we had the internet! I could have written an entire book on sexual harassment in the workplace. Oh wait, there was no such thing back in those days. If there were, #METOO!

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