Cosplay While Black: Not Just For Getting Nasty

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There are indeed African American/Black Cosplayers who enjoy the subculture for the versatility of transforming themselves into super and magical beings. It’s not just for getting nasty in the bedroom, yall. Well, I guess men wouldn’t mind going to bed with a sexy woodland elf or flexible superhero in red stilettos.

cos6-234x300From minor research from my favorite source, Wikipedia, Cosplay became popular in Japan in response to their love of anime. Anime Cosplay spread across the world quickly, and soon Americans were dressing up in their favorite cosplay costumes and attending their own conventions.

In English it translates to “costume play.” You know, similar to dressing up in silly costumes every year in October. Well, cosplay is more of a hobby, and is definitely not a once a year event. My hubby forbade me from participating in the Cosplay culture, which I accept; I have a lot on my plate to take on a new hobby right now. But I don’t think he would turn me away if I dressed in a skin tight black bodysuit and a silver wig, while portraying the sexy Storm during our nightly dwellings. So my cosplay is restricted to the bedroom.

After doing a little more research around the net, it seems that there is this idea that Black people don’t participate in the Cosplay subculture. What I have learned in life, if there is some sort of niche dominated by one culture, there is always a Black alternative.

I recently found a Tumblr page, Cosplay While Black, which provides a variety of photographs of Black people dressed up as their favorite magical or super “being.”  There are straight up outrageous costumes featured. I applaud them. There is nothing wrong with showing that you have interests that others may deem weird or eccentric. My favorite cosplay community is the World of Black Heroes, and only because I love female superheroes. I’ve always admired strong women in real life and fictional ones are no exception.


I don’t want to make it seem like the larger sub-culture of Cosplay isn’t inclusive, because I have viewed photos of Black folk at the conventions online. Actually, Cosplay has become an element in many cultures around the world. However, many Black Cosplayers are bombarded with racist comments online, and also plus size women of all ethnicities are weight shamed for portraying characters who are normally a smaller fictional being. It seems no matter the niche, there are always those who  shame people for being different. Screw judgmental bastards and just do you.

Now…since I am only limited to Cosplay in the bedroom, I think I will transform myself into a mysterious cat woman because this costume screams absolute naughtiness. I think the hubby would love to be ravaged by a busty pussy cat. There I go making cosplay about sex…my bad!

Featured Image from World of Black Heroes!


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