Why Are Democrats Such Pussies?

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Why are Democrats such pussies?Why are Democrats such fckn pussies? It seems that they never want to be on the wrong side of the issues, and desperately want to be known as the “do-gooder party”. We don’t want Democrats to be do-gooders and pushovers. Please start playing as dirty as those greedy bastards of the Republican party.

Currently, there is a trend of women exposing  sexual douche-baggery involving high ranking government officials.

On the Republican side, we have Roy Moore, the senator running for re-election, who also happens to be an alleged child molester and all around azz licker with alleged small red, irritated balls. His fellow alleged small ball Embarrassment-in-chief, Donald Trump, feels that Moore’s denial of the allegations is enough for a presidential endorsement. What a disgusting, worm infested, pissy prick, with low azz standards?

On the Democratic side, we have Al Franken, who is being ousted by his own party after there was hard evidence that he put his disgusting hands on a female soldier. And you know what, I like Al Frankin, but fck him for violating this soldier while she was unconscious. Women have to deal with enough bullshit, and a comedian government official cupping her lady bits is totally inappropriate.

Despite the alleged Republican child molester allegations, republicans continue to support this disgusting Pillsbury dough boy looking as biotch, Roy Moore.

On the other hand, democrats are speaking out against Al Franken and encouraging him to resign. This is why Democrats are fckn pussies. Republicans don’t give a hot flying shyt about the alleged child molester, he is still being funded by the RNC. Just consider our leadership at the top. Donald Trump is also an alleged sexual deviant in his own right. Are we really surprised that he would continue to support an alleged child molester?

What is pissing me the fck off is the Democrats not supporting Al Franken. Have they not learned to play the filthy game of politics. Republicans are brutal and will stand by an alleged child molester, and Democrats are weak as fck, willing to abandon their party member expeditiously.

Democrats have not realized that politics requires a different strategy in our modern times. We have a reality television star as president, and our first lady looks like shes being held captive by the secret service and Trump’s magical perverted leprechauns. If she refuses to attend a political event, the magical leprechauns will deny her gold coins stashed at the end of a rainbow.

My message to democrats…fight dirty and win, instead of being on the right side of an issue, and lose. Sane people are damn tired of this corrupt government, but I think we will turn a blind eye if y’all do what needs to be done to put these greedy azz republicans out of the majority.


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