The Alabama Senate Race: Will Alabamians Elect The Alleged Sexual Predator, Roy Moore?

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 Will the citizens of Alabama vote for Roy Moore, an alleged sexual predator?

Donald Trump is our embarrassment of a president; of course Alabamians will elect Roy Moore over Doug Jones. It’s Alabama folks; there are no surprises when it comes to this very conservative, poor, and racist state. Roy Moore fits the profile of Alabama and I’m not surprised that they want him to represent their deplorable values. There are myths about Alabama and their acceptance of siblings fcking each other and keeping secrets of inappropriate touching and molestation of youth. But that is just a myth I heard, which is similar to Trump’s, “people are saying.”


We must accept facts that our country is going to hell due to  sexual misconduct by disgusting senior citizens, who must be popping the little blue pills to “perform” these offenses against women. The fact that our country elected Donald Trump should give you an idea of what will continue to occur in our country.

Shame on the Republican Party for supporting Moore

The Republican Party, the party that embraced conservative family values, and have had a limp hard-on for restricting a woman’s right to choose, is now supporting Roy Moore.  The Republican Party should be ashamed of themselves, and those who continue to vote for Republicans should also be ashamed. If you are a woman, your vote is supporting this man’s demeaning behavior. If you are anyone in general supporting this nutcase, you are a racist, sexist, idiot who should burn in hell with a hot piece of coal stuck in the crack of your azz.

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