Political Illustration of the Day: Donald Trump Makes An Appearance

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  1. Some of us were raised within different religions. And they all teach the same: love thy enemy, forgive, do good deeds.

    So, shouldn’t we put these teachings to the test, let bygones be bygones, and show our love? By, say, sending His Royal Nighness several pounds of steaks or burgers (I think in this case it’s permissible to think of us as a monolith and assert that we’re not overly particular about that)? We know the jerk loves his red meat, and like we were taught, presents that tickle the heart of the receiver are the best expression of love.

    Too much? Too soon?

  2. You’re right, I was taught to love thy enemy; but this man brings out the bad in me. I am so sick of his nonsense and what he is doing to this great country. I will forgive Trump when he is no longer is office. Everyday it’s something with this guy. Why people hate him so much is that he doesn’t even care. He could care less about anyone but himself and his daughter-wife…lmao!

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