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Women’s March 2018: Women Will Vote Against Republicans in Mid-Term Elections

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If you haven’t seen the footage from the 2018 women’s march, you must have been sound asleep like Donald Trump when the government shut down.

2018 Women’s March Symbolizes How Pissed We Are

The march symbolized a movement against the Republican party and their draconian ideology. Abortion is legal across the country, but Republican states continue to chip away at the law by defunding Planned Parenthood.

Our vice president, and alien plastic creature, Mike Pence, spoke at a pro-life rally, supporting the suppression of reproductive rights. After his rally, women across the Unites States cohesively said “not today bytch” when they grabbed their signs and took to the street.

If you want to know exactly how the women of the United States feel about the Republican party and the suppression of reproductive rights, check out the pictures below!


What are your thoughts about the 2018 Women’s March?

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  1. I especially like the Dr. Seuss sign. I think it’s a tad bit above his level, but an aide (or two) can surely act it out for him and draw a picture before Our President’s nap time.

    Btw, got a notification your post was up as I was writing mine. Energy channeling is such a beautiful, not to mention powerful, thing.

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