The ‘Don’t F With’ List

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Getting straight into it, there are just some people in life you have to permanently put on the ‘don’t fck with’ list.pexels-photo-414691.jpeg

People often assume the worst of others when they harbor their own pathetic biases from minor deleterious interactions. We are all guilty of it and hopefully, as fully-grown adults, we have learned that our premature assumptions are inane reactions that seemingly paints us as absolute fools in a general sense.

It is important that adults explore their feelings and their own biases prior to expressing statements or judgments that are inappropriate and unwarranted. Essentially, you have no idea the perplexities of any individual’s life circumstances, and often our opinion of others is totally skewed by our own self-inflicted biases. You basically observe an individual and create a fictional depiction or circumstance that isn’t based in reality because you are a chicken-shyt bastard who was too afraid to speak honestly about your assumptions.

Let me speak honestly about my circumstances. Most of the time, I have so much LIFE ruminating in my brain, that half of the time my focus is diminished to the important (family and finances) and not the mundane extras. I do tend to check myself, and essentially remind myself that there are others in this life who deserve to be recognized amid my ongoing mental and physical chaos; however, when can we say that people are just full of shyt and you can move on without giving a flying fck?

Moving forward and not giving a fck can really ease your mind and dull your anxiety. It is important to just be yourself and not give a flying fck about people’s reactions or their unimportant feelings. Basically, you must live life for yourself and not base your actions or decisions on the way others see you, or their misguided assumptions of you. Accepting the imprudent conjecture of others can cause you to question yourself and your approach to life. Our lives will always be distinctively unique, and others will never genuinely know your struggles. So fck ‘em.

Next time some lowly coward erroneously and negatively labels you without concrete inquiry, meaning assumptions are made without proper discussion, just smile and put them on the “don’t fck with” list. Only engage in positive relationships that will build upon your well-being, and let cowardly fckers fall off the ledge of your mental universe. Let them fall, crash, and burn in your mind.

Fck ‘em…

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  1. It is very cowardly if you stick to it. I have some relatives I don’t fck with fit precisely that reason. Though, to be fair, it is quick and fun to create that narrative in your head. 😀

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