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Thank you for stopping by SuperGirl Advent to read my very sassy, liberal opinions; hopefully you get a few laughs during a break in your busy day or in your down time while sipping on your favorite wine.

I would like to caution all visitors that although I TRY not to use explicit language on my page, that doesn’t mean I won’t have an opinion about the most disgusting and vile topics seen around the internet and in the media.

Blogging Therapy

Blogging has served as my therapeutic outlet for years. When life presents you with noxious lemons, you make sassy raspberry lemonade! Blogging is a life long commitment that benefits your mind, body, and spirit. You may not earn a substantial amount of money, but at least you feel like your thoughts and ideas are transcended into the world via WiFi connection. Although there are many celebrity bloggers who earn a significant income, you can’t start this endeavor with money on the brain. Start blogging about the things that you are passionate about, build a community of followers, and then start thinking about using your passion to benefit your bank account. I can’t lie and say that I haven’t tried building a blog for purposes of making money on the internet, but in the end, I failed because that is just not something I’m passionate about. I’m passionate about politics, social issues, and anything that catches my interest. It seems that I always ended up returning to this WordPress blog after being hit with life altering events, or just being affected by the chaotic world around me.

Sharing my thoughts about personal life adventures and my unique take on important issues is an important stress relieving hobby for me. This blog will never be a place where one will come to read consistent thematic or niche material because life adventures are unpredictable. My posts about very last minute, and sometimes erratic depending on my mood…and I’m okay with that; I hope you are too.


Since the disappointing 2016 presidential election in which all decent persons everywhere gasped collectively, I have written more than enough posts about Donald Trump. I use to watch the cable news stories during both terms of Obama’s presidency, but as soon as the Trump twat came along, its been hard to watch the direction of the country. I also find it disturbing that Republicans are allowing Trump to destroy their party. Personally, I’ve never cared for republican politicians because I believe in a woman’s right to choose, and I am against their voter suppression laws.

Society and Social Issues

Our country is forever changing, and sometimes our laws are slow to catch up with our very diverse population. I was so excited about the LGBTQ community having the right to get married like all Americans. After the Supreme Court made the monumental decision, the world didn’t cease to exist and the Dow Jones Industrial Complex didn’t implode. Opponents of the measure took to social media making grand and apocalyptic statements about the country rotting from inside out, and proclaiming that the US is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles. I’m a Christian, and I must say, the United States is far from a Christian nation. The hate and bigotry supported in this country has nothing to do with religious beliefs. Racially motivated voter suppression driven by Republicans and the unresolved water crisis and poisoning of American citizens in Flint, Michigan doesn’t feel Christian to me. So, taking out the religious aspects of people’s argument, there was no reason to deny marriage equality to a specific population living a certain lifestyle. In the end, a population of people were granted rights they should have enjoyed since the conception of our great nation.


There are instances in which I am very interested in celebrity news and trends in the entertainment industry. I am also amused when there is a story about the nonsensical adventures of the Kardasians or when our favorite Queen Beyonce drops a new album.

Furthermore, it seems that both politics and entertainment are both interconnected, especially since we have a reality TV star as a president. He will probably go down in history as the most entertaining commander in chief our country has ever seen.

Social Media and Internet Trends

I think my favorite aspect of Blogging is sharing all of the weird and exciting goings-on around the web, from hilarious memes, to beautiful graphic art. I want to share with the world exactly what I see and enjoy


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    1. I loosely meant that my life is full of psychology. I was going to put “facing the psychology of my life” but I got tired of changing it and didn’t feel like doing more with it. lol I’m a doctorate psych student and in some of my earlier posts, before I became burned out and exhausted with psychology, I used to address the certain aspects of psychology in my life. Now, a year to go and hundreds of psych papers completed, I hate psychology and couldn’t run faster from it. I’m so tired of it. But yeah, in a nut shell, thats whats going on with that. The whole truth and nothing but… lol


      1. Oh, a PhD in psychology. no wonder you’re sick of it. I started grad school for experimental psychology 43 years ago. Luckily I was kicked out after one term. I was already disillusioned by the senselessness of the research. I wound up getting a degree in social work and I’ve had a wonderful career. Never burned out. Still doing it. Perhaps I burned out and nobody told me. Hey, good luck.


      2. Thank you!! I did Social Work for six years right out of college but I was meant for something else. I loved it when I was single, no kid or responsibilities. I had the time to put in extra work. Now that I’m married with a baby, social work and the PhD program almost drove me insane. I kind of fell into social work, instead of choosing it. I was unemployed and the state was hiring so I decided to be a social worker. It was cool at first. But I relocated to California and was hired by a foster care agency. I worked their for two years and absolutely hated that place and got fed up with social work. I knew it was time to do what I knew was my calling, becoming a psychologist. I still love psychology, but I just want at least a two week break from it. lol I want to take a nap just thinking about it.


  1. Hi TL- Thank you for following my photography blog. I hope you’re inspired. What a great blog– you have a lot going on. I am really enjoying your posts and seeing what’s in your head.


  2. Thanks for the follow! Love what I’ve read on your blog so far so I’m returning the favor. I’m a psych nerd too but I haven’t started grad school for it yet. Reading about some of your burnout struggles is a good reminder that it can wait a few years.


  3. Good Monday Morning to you! Thank you for the follow! A fun little circus you have going on here, indeed. I’ll be visiting for change of perspective 🙂


  4. Alright! Now you must be thinking am stalking you! 😛 The thing is just wanted to drop by this time to thank for following my blog GravityGate.wordpress.com!We are aalready connected on G+ & need I say I liked your writing 🙂 Keep up the circus acts!


  5. Thanks so much for following my blog, I always appreciate a new welcome….please visit whenever you can, and in the mood 🙂 and btw, your blog is alluring…I will be back for more 🙂 Have a sweet day!


  6. Ni hao Southern Gal!
    I am chuffed as all get out that a young hip thing like you would decide to follow my blog about life in China. Mind you, when I look in the mirror I always get a shock because the face I see doesn’t match how I feel, which is much as you are! I shall enjoy browsing through your past blog posts. Hope you have a good week.
    Zai jian! Herschelian.


  7. Hi I nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. You should have received a ping for the post I wrote but let me know if you did not! I love a writer who is as opinionated as I am!!!


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