Blog Abandonment

So today, I realized that I had not posted on my blog in two months. Its been crazy as shyte just trying to stay focus on EVERYTHING in life. I just found out that no matter what happens in life, people are all about themselves and no matter how close you get to someone, that’s the bottom line. Its always great to learn new things about life, because you won’t be so disappointed the next time.


I Gives Zero Effs About Your Shyt…Blog Trolls Gonna Learn…


Let me sip this tea right quick…

As an avid blogger I am aware that my views and experiences may cause others to take offense or…get their panties in a bunchy roll up the crack of their azz. But however much I offend you, you can always just tear your eyes away from my blog and seek out another more soul fulfilling blog that generates that euphoric feeling you’re desperately searching for. Nothing on my blog will ever be about fairies and unicorns, this is all me and my life experiences, so if you don’t like it, then tear your stank azz and move the hell on. I am a grown azz woman, I don’t need anyone trying to shame me for what is on my mind. If I had a bad day with someone, say…a person with Borderline Personality Disorder, then I’m gonna blog exactly how i feel and what my experiences were with that person. I am not making this shyt up. So if you don’t like it…you know what the hell to do. WordPress got a million and one blogs dedicated to making you feel all mushy inside, but my blog is not the one…cuz at the end of the day, I’m not getting paid not one red cent for this shyt here.

I’m always up for a good debate, but don’t try to check a sistah because you think you know better. I am an expert on my mother effing life, meaning I don’t need you are anyone else trying to correct my shyt. Blogging is MY outlet as a doctorate student, wife, mother, and professional woman. So excuse me if I don’t take everyone’s feelings into account when I’m ranting about my day, or my past, or anything in my mother effing universe. I am all for having a conversation about sensitive topics, but come at me correct and don’t think you will have the last word on my effing blog because best believe it won’t happen. I will go straight critical on your azz in a second. Move the hell on and do you while I continue one of the few outlets I have as a very busy person. Goodness. You swear I was infringing on people’s rights to be crazy the way these people with BPD coming at me. But hell, keep em coming because I gives zero effs about naything you talking ’bout. REAL TALK!!!

The ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ Nomination

Gotta love being recognized!

I have been nominated by a fellow blogger to receive the One Lovely Blog Award. I received the following message on my About page:

One Lovely Blog Award

“Hi I nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. You should have received a ping for the post I wrote but let me know if you did not! I love a writer who is as opinionated as I am!!!”
 This is so flattering! Thank you for nominating SuperGirl Adventures. My blog is all about looking at the world as the circus it really is. You really don’t have to attend a circus to find the weirdest spectacles on the planet. Sometimes you must only venture next door, or just walk outside your home. No matter the outcome, thank you for highlighting my blog and I wish you will return.

Rules for Nomination:

  • Nominated blogger (Me) must link back to person (celatime) who nominated them.
  • List Rules of Nomination
  • Upload Award Pic as Featured Image!
  • List 7 random but awesome facts about yourself
  • Choose an unspecified number of blogs to nominate

my header

 Seven Facts About Opinionated Mommy

  • I found that there are moments when I have too many opinions.
  • I’ve discovered that the most important thing in life is family. Why dwell on the small stuff?
  •  I’ve found that I turned into a nerd while no one was looking. WTH?
  • When I put my mind to something, there is no stopping me.
  • I had a dog named queen elizabeth; no offense to the queen. The decision was based a historical figure who reigned despite the malcontent for her sex. (yeah, I’m weird)
  • I have been in school FOREVER! Writing a dissertation is the most horrific experience EVER!

SuperGirl Advent Nominated the Following Blogs

The blogs that have been nominated are those that are exceptional in the blogging community. These bloggers have opinions that are true to their values no matter the fall out. I sincerely wish everyone good luck and keep blogging no matter the outcome!