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This entire blog is humorous. Life is an adventure and I can always find humor in my adventures.

Fuck Alabama

Let me explain!

Although Doug Jones won tonight, fuck all Alabamians who thought it a swell idea to vote for an alleged child molester, a racist (with a Jewish attorney), and an overall creature of Satan’s flaming bowels. Continue reading “Fuck Alabama”


The Alabama Senate Race: Will Alabamians Elect The Alleged Sexual Predator, Roy Moore?

 Will the citizens of Alabama vote for Roy Moore, an alleged sexual predator?

Continue reading “The Alabama Senate Race: Will Alabamians Elect The Alleged Sexual Predator, Roy Moore?”

Why Are Democrats Such Pussies?

Why are Democrats such pussies?Why are Democrats such fckn pussies? It seems that they never want to be on the wrong side of the issues, and desperately want to be known as the “do-gooder party”. We don’t want Democrats to be do-gooders and pushovers. Please start playing as dirty as those greedy bastards of the Republican party. Continue reading “Why Are Democrats Such Pussies?”

Cosplay While Black: Not Just For Getting Nasty

There are indeed African American/Black Cosplayers who enjoy the subculture for the versatility of transforming themselves into super and magical beings. It’s not just for getting nasty in the bedroom, yall. Well, I guess men wouldn’t mind going to bed with a sexy woodland elf or flexible superhero in red stilettos. Continue reading “Cosplay While Black: Not Just For Getting Nasty”

Inappropriate Thoughts Fueled By A Sangria Mix

img_2709Charles Manson is in the hospital with some mysterious and hopefully painful illness, and Donald Trump is probably somewhere being nasty and inappropriate with his chubby twitter fingers up the skirt of some random Russian prostitute. When do these horrible human beings just stop being a pain in our azzes. Goodnight!