Flight Passengers From Hell

Today, I have flown in an aircraft for five hours, and driven for seven hours for work. Now, I am trying to sleep in a pseudo-cheapo hotel room after having only two hours of sleep on a plane next to two individuals who thought it appropriate to comment on EVERY single aspect of the flight.

“Oh, the take-off was kind of rough.”

It seems to me that all take-offs are pretty rough; some rougher than others. And really, who gives a flying shyt? As long as we land where we are supposed to, why do people have to complain about crap they have no control over?

“Oh, the flight attendant didn’t fully explain the procedures of evacuating via sea.”

I think it is fully appropriate to assume that landing via sea probably mean we would all probably be dead. Maybe the passenger wanted the flight attendant to give a full enactment of 150 people drowning after crashing into the sea. I ask myself every day how these complete morons are able to procreate or vote in governmental elections?

I just wanted to tell these two passengers,

“oh, and while y’all stank asses worried about the the most mundane bullshyt, I’m over here ready to go smooth off. I am delirious and have not had the proper amount of sleep that would stop me from making a false complaint that would have both of you violently dragged from the airplane like that poor United Airlines dude who is probably rich as fck right now (excuse the run-on sentence).”

I have another flight tomorrow…


Free Bedtime Stories

I was desperate to find bedtime stories for my boys since most of their books make noise and keep them hyper and ready to play. Anyway, one night while begging the babies to go to sleep, I googled bedtime stories and came across Story Berries, which is a website that offers free children’s stories. The illustrations are awesome, and the stories are multicultural. My babies fell right to sleep while I read the stories. All parents should check it out. This is definitely an internet treasure.

Illustrations on this post are by StoryBerries.

Music That Never Gets Old: Erykah Badu

“Every time I ask you for a little cash, you say knaw and turn right around and ask me for some azz.”

The other day while I was working, I had a sudden desire to sing along with one of my favorite iconic stars, Erykah Badu. This song never gets old.

Life-Changing Kodi Tutorial 2017

Boot Legging Television Has Never Been This Fun!

Attention! Attention! If you are tired of paying for Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, I suggest that you check out the KODI tutorial.  Continue reading “Life-Changing Kodi Tutorial 2017”

Donald Trump’s America: Trump Supporters Are Souless Quasi-humans With No Pot to Piss In

These horrid Trump fans gonna mess with the wrong crazy person one day.

This man doesn’t know that our President is a narcissistic flat azz who would rather take a shyt on his face than acknowledge that he exists.

Today on Twitter: Donald Trump Senselessly Dragged by Twittersphere.

Donald Trump Sucks Donkey Balls

I can’t make this stuff up. People on twitter are some of the most creative people on the planet.  This image is freaking genius. Continue reading “Today on Twitter: Donald Trump Senselessly Dragged by Twittersphere.”

Today on Twitter: Rihanna and Lupita

When the movie coming out?

Twitter made me smile today because two of my favorite people were spotted, and now everyone wants a new movie featuring these two Diva’s. Whomever drew the sketch is a genius. This is a Twitter treasure.