Political Adventures

Dear Republicans

Dear Republicans, You have become a bloated party of cantankerous idiocy and smelly azz juice. Your history has progressed from

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Alabama: Political Truth

Although Doug Jones won tonight, fuck all Alabamians who thought it a swell idea to vote for an alleged child molester, a racist (with a Jewish attorney), and an overall creature of Satan’s flaming bowels.

The Alabama Senate Race: Will Alabamians Elect The Alleged Sexual Predator, Roy Moore?

Will the citizens of Alabama vote for Roy Moore, an alleged sexual predator? Of course they will, Donald Trump is also a disgusting senior citizen and Americans voted for his loose dentured azz.

Why Are Democrats Such Pussies?

Democrats must learn to get as filthy and corrupt as their Republican counter parts to win this country back.

Inappropriate Thoughts Fueled By A Sangria Mix

The two horrible human beings, Charles Manson and Donald Trump, were on my mind while drinking a pleasant beverage.

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