So Billy Boy Got Fired

Fox made my damn day…

I must admit, I’m very surprised that Fox, the news station of the unfair and crazy, fired their most successful host, Bill O’reilly, after getting fed up with his alleged sexual harassment of female coworkers.

There are many people on Twitter who are not taking Bill’s termination so well. One Twitter user blamed the liberal media for Bill’s unemployment, when in fact, its a right wing TV network kicking his disgusting azz to the curb.


As with any scandal, there are those who embrace change and those who are so irrational in their beliefs that Bill could have been recorded fcking a goat in a cemetery, and they would still be whining about him being innocent.

Of course in response to his termination, Billy Boy said that the claims of sexual harassment were unfounded accusations. Okay, well if that’s the case, why were you fired? You paid 13 million dollars over the past five years as a way to mute the victims, and now the Fox network’s legal team believe you are too much of a risk to keep around.

Its so funny how life can take a turn for the worst. This should be quite a humbling experience. Billy Boy has been a powerful figure of the right/repubs. He thrived on being a hypocritical racist nut job, and people who follow him are just as bad.

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I’m At Work Right Now But…

I’m working right now but I had to give my two cents…

Just heard Bill O’Reilly got fired with his stankin’ azz. I will go smooth off when I get off from work. But I’m guessing that Fox News were pissed off about Billy being a total sexual deviant/perpetrator. Will be back with more of my rant after this long azz meeting.

Today on Twitter…

Barack can eat my Easter candy anytime…

This man, my President. I don’t want to sound like a horn dog, but lawd have mercy, goodness gracious he is wearing this damn suit. I’m not used to our past presidents being sexy like this.

Ok, ok! His entire family was there too. I do love the O family though. They just seem like great people. Hope they don’t mind me lusting all over the internet.

Donald Trump Supports Bill O’reilly Amid Sexual Harassment Settlement

The two perverts are two peas in a pods.

The President of the United States has hit a whole new low by publicly supporting Fox News host and fellow pussy grabber, Bill O’reilly. Although we don’t really know what happened between O’reilly and the women he allegedly sexually harassed, it was disclosed that there was a $13 million dollar pay out to silence his accusers. Are we really surprised that O’reilly was accused of harassing women?

06trumporeilly1-master315 (1)

I am ashamed that I used to watch Bill O’reilly’s show some years before he started being a total douchbag-van-fck face. Since the election of President Obama, O’reilly started his hate speech and calling his guests “thugs” and other racially charged identifiers. He would talk shyt about minorities, harshly judging people as if his shyt don’t  stank. His ratings increased with each guest he eviscerated on his panel. As he became more wealthy and successful, his arrogance emboldened. This man has had the #1 news show for years, of course he thought he could say and do whatever he pleased.  This is a man who allegedly instructed a police commissioner to investigate a fellow police detective because he was having an affair with O’reilly’s wife. This is a man who allegedly dragged his wife down the stairs by her neck. This is a man who lost custody of his children because they did not want to live with his abusive azz. So, why in the hot hell is President Man-Baby publicly supporting O’reilly after declaring April the month of sexual assault awareness?

Since the news broke about Bill O’reilly’s existence as a flaming pervert, FOX has been hemorrhaging sponsors like its that time of the month. Huge companies are pulling their ads because of the immoral nature of O’reilly’s behavior toward women. It’s common sense that advertisers would protect their brand by disassociating themselves from the FOX news anchor/sexual predator. Since our president is an immoral creature from the planet moron, he publicly stated, “I don’t think he did anything wrong.” Well of course not! Trump has bragged about sexually assaulting women, and when he got caught on tape, his explanation was, “that was locker room talk.” Trump is a narcissistic megalomaniac who probably doesn’t even believe in sexual assault; he believes that because of his status, he can violate women however he wants with no repercussions. I personally believe he declared April Sexual Awareness Month because he wanted to get a response from the media, be it negative or positive.

Despite the Trump Troll defending his fellow sexual predator, SOME Americans are still defending the orange twat on Twitter and Facebook. What stings is when women defend men like Trump and O’reilly. There are plenty of Trump supporters so brain washed that any negative reports are considered FAKE NEWS. It’s not fake news just because you don’t like the information. There was a settlement reached in O’reilly’s case, which suggests that something happened and there was proof that an incident occurred. Fox news and Bill O’reilly are very wealthy, so if these claims were unsubstantiated by evidence, they would have drowned the plaintiff in paperwork until they could no longer pay the legal fees involved with a civil suit. O’reilly supporters really have a short memory because he has had a sexual harassment complaint before. In 2011, O’reilly allegedly told a previous accuser that she should use her vibrator as a “stress reliever.” What a fckn prick?

People are now wondering, will this be the end of O’reilly’s career, especially since some of his advertisers were like “good riddance woman molester, we ain’t about that life?” For now, my answer would be a resounding NO! Despite the monetary settlement and bad publicity, O’reilly’s big head azz is still on television. The failure of the  network to remove O’reilly from their right-wing roster is all about money. FOX most likely paid the settlement because they can easily recoup $13 million with the remaining advertisers. There are probably many companies waiting for their chance to advertise on the most watched network in America. So its sad to say that O’reilly’s job at the FOX network is pretty much guaranteed no matter how many women he harasses or law suits he settles.

O’reilly had the gall and audacity to tweet an advertisement for a podcast about faith and Jackie Robinson.  We know you don’t practice Christianity, and we know you could care less about Jackie Robinson. Fck O’reilly!

FullSizeRender (2)

The gall and audacity doesn’t end with this Tweet. O’reilly, the perverted, tried to come for Don Lemon, who also had to tell Bill that he ain’t about that life. Good ol Bill thought it wise to tweet that Don Lemon refused to cover the none sense story about Susan Rice amid the president’s administration trying to deflect from colluding with and being Putin’s man-btch. Don had to get him straight real quick.

FullSizeRender (3)

I’m going to continue to pray for our country on the weekends; during the week I am too tired and too angry to be a Christian (just joking). Stay Tuned!

Tomi Lahren Goes Down

Tomi Lahren is unemployed and I don’t feel bad for her stank azz.

Just to get it out of the way, THE BTCH GOT FIRED!

But I have to give sis some credit, she has made an impact in the lives of racist bigots who sit on their couches everyday collecting welfare and enjoying their Obamacare; no matter that these are the same bigots who voted for an orange sexual predator who vowed to take away their health insurance and replace it with…not a damn thing.

Tomi Lahren’s famous viral rant where she criticized Colin Kaepernick for peacefully kneeling at an NFL football game, and her whiny little rants about our Queen Beyonce, launched this angry little tart into social media heaven. She has millions of followers who savor the hateful jargon she uses in her low-budget productions. I visited her Facebook page once and never returned. There are so many angry people who despise people of color on her page, and that may have been the aim from the start. Look at Donald Trump, his hate speech propelled him into the fckn White House. Just like Trump, she panders to the worst in our society. Colin Kaepernick exercised his right to free speech and this shallow, retched troll attacked him for it. There is a major problem in our country when addressing racial issues and this biotch basically feels like persons of color should be grateful that we are allowed to even take part in American society.

When the news broke that this stank azz  hoe-btch was fired from her neo-natzi conversative news outlet,The Blaze, I felt bad for her because they fired her for her views on abortion and limiting government in women’s healthcare. She should pat herself on the back for that sporadic, common sense realization while sitting on a panel at The View; however, this btch will not get any sympathy from me. The continuous rantings that symbolize exactly what many bigoted Americans felt about non-white people in this country was disgusting and I can’t believe people refer to the United States as a Christian country founded on christian values.

Since I am a Christian on the weekends, I feel inclined to forgive this shallow broad for all the nasty things she’s ranted about on her show. Maybe she was encouraged by her media outlet to be more provocative in her opinions in order to generate millions of followers. No matter the reason, she thought it pertinent to ignore social and racial injustices in our country, and resorted to taking a hard-right stance.

Well, fck you Tomi Lahren. I’m not happy that you lost your job, but I’m glad that I don’t have to see your angry face on my Facebook time line, or be tempted to read the hateful comments that people leave on your page. If anything, this should be a learning moment for you. Conservatives preach limited government, but they make an exception for policing women’s bodies. Since you are pretty young and undoubtedly naive, men don’t want you to have an opinion that goes against their oppressive ideology. At the end of the day, you were fired because you are  a woman who tried to give your personal opinion and about a controversial issue. They didn’t want your brain, they wanted a blonde robot who would intice audiences with your “personalty” while spewing a language that very unintelligent Americans can understand.