Flight Attendants Gone Wild

Passenger abuse at its worst…

Here we go again y’all! Maybe there is something in the water that only poisons flight attendants because they have been acting quite irate lately. In the last few weeks, the media has been plagued with the United Airlines passenger debacle in which airline employees chose a random gentleman to man-handle and then drag off the plane.

Today, I wake up to another incident where passengers are being abused on a plane, only this time, it’s American airlines. I bet United Airlines executives are too excited that media attention has been scaled back to unapologetically drag American airlines like the bastards they are. In the video, we only see the aftermath of the situation, but the crying woman and the irritated flight attendant tells us all we need to know.

I’ve said in the past that SOME flight attendants can be rude btches, and act like their job is the most stressful on the planet. Well, let me tell you stank azz flight attendants something, I have a very stressful job where I deal with the mentally ill and drug addicted on a daily basis and you don’t see me physically assaulting and verbally abusing people.

And the nerve of this “fight attendant” to act crazy with a passenger carrying a baby just pisses me all the way off. I have flown with crying babies before, and it’s no fun adventure, I can attest to that. She was probably already stressed out from having to transport a hollering azz, heavy azz infant onto a plan. This employee should have made her flight experience a little easier, not totally fck it up.

What’s really sad is after the incident, the flight attendant became confrontational with another passenger who was obviously upset with the way he treated this woman and her child. Good for him for standing up to flight bullies. Meanwhile, the airline is being senselessly dragged via Twitter:

This isn’t the first time  airline employees have acted as if they rule the world of flight. A few weeks prior to United Airlines instructing security to drag a paying customer off their plan, United also banned teenage girls from wearing tights on the flight because they were flying with a flight voucher. I understand that there are policies regarding flight vouchers, but what douche bag created a dress code for certain passengers? No one knows that they were paying with vouchers accept for airlines staff. Exactly what will a teenage girl in tights do other than sit in her seat listening to the latest digital release from Taylor Swift? These ridiculous policies, coupled with rude azz flight attendants makes flying scary as hell.

United Airlines Passenger Beat Down, Violently Dragged Off Plane

Fly the friendly skies, but will get your azz whooped if you get out of line.

Have you guys viewed the disturbing video of a United Airline customer being violently dragged off an airplane? Users of Twitter and Facebook were outraged after watching the viral video of an Asian man getting his azz whooped for the crime of…well, he didn’t actually commit a crime. He felt that since he paid for a ticket, he should be able to fly on the flight he booked. Since the video has went viral, major media outlets have picked up the story and is drawing attention to the actions of United Airline staff when dealing with a paying customer who just wanted to get home to his family.

Apparently, there was a United employee who needed a seat on the plane, and the paying customer was told that he needed to kick rocks and get his azz off. Usually, airlines offer passengers special accommodations when they overbook the flight. I’ve witnessed an airline give a passenger  a $1000 stipend and a free hotel room in order for the passengers to voluntarily give up their seat on a plane. It seems that the staff at United were like “hell knaw, we just gonna pick an older, Asian gentleman to beat down so our employee can have a seat.” What’s really disturbing is how they handled the situation. Airlines regularly overbook, but they also offer generous compensation for the inconvenience of being delayed. United said “not today bytch.” Instead of presenting passengers with an offer they could not refuse, the airline instructed officers to forcibly remove the older gentlemen from his seat. My heart dropped when I saw the man bleeding from his nose. During the violent removal, the passenger’s face hit the arm rest. It also appeared as though he may have experienced extreme shock because he started rambling saying, “they trying to kill me.” This is so heart breaking. I tear up every time I see this video.

Although there were people outraged by this incident, there were some individuals who blamed the passenger for not cooperating with law enforcement. I have to admit, I’ve posted a few Facebook and Twitter comments responding to insensitive idiots who thought it plausible for an airline to use physical force to remove a passenger when he was not breaking any laws. There was one individual who said, “well, if you don’t follow instructions from law enforcement, what do you expect to happen?” Its safe to assume that I did not respond in a very mature manner. My comment included labeling this person an insensitive rabid dog who should be put out of his misery because only a miserable, pitiful, and unhappy individual couldn’t see how this situation was mismanaged.

Today, after United Airlines was dragged for the horrific piece of shyt they are, their stocks dropped significantly, and rightly so. You can’t treat people like shyt and think there won’t be public outrage by posting the evidence on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. You can no longer act a damn fool without some random person catching it on video.

I am boycotting United Airlines and will NEVER fly with them again. Since we are on the topic of shytyness, I can not stand their flight attendants. I understand that their job is to ensure that the passengers follow their safety instructions, but why do United flight attendants have such horrible attitudes? During one flight, I forgot to put on my seat belt, and this stank azz flight attendant got an attitude and stankedly told me to buckle up. I understand that I forgot, but bytch do you have to talk to me like I fcked your boyfriend and got pregnant? Never again. Fck United!


Donald Trump Russian Ties?

The Congressional hearing confirmed that Donald Trump is a liar.

Over the past few weeks, since the presidential inauguration, our government has transformed into a reality television show. Every day the media floods us with these conspiracy theories regarding Donald Trump and his ties to Russia. Donald Trump has been busy tweeting his way into his first Congressional Hearing. Exactly why some Americans can’t understand why we are frightened that this man is the actual President of the United States?

We learned a lot from the FBI during the Congressional hearing on Monday. Donald Trump and his Russian ties have been under investigation since July, 2016, the same time the FBI was looking into Hillary’s email server. I think its reckless that the FBI failed to share this information with the American people, as he did with Clinton’s emails. James Comey is such a twat for withholding such information, but what’s done is done.

The Congressional hearing also taught the American people that our President is a pathological liar. He recklessly tweeted that President Obama wiretapped Trump tower during the election. First of all, if you are aiming to make a serious allegation, wouldn’t it be pertinent that you at least call a press conference. The media is literally at his beck and call; he could have the entire press corp to show up at three in the morning to make his untrue allegations. The problem with Donald’s allegation is he tried to lie on the wrong person. No one in their right mind believed the “no drama” President Obama wiretapped Donald Trump. Even right wing Republicans were looking at Donald sideways like “get the fck out of here.” The reason no one believed Trump, putting politics aside, people trusted Obama because he was genuinely a great and trustworthy person. People were not afraid that he would do anything insane or embarrass the United States.

Although many Americans tuned in to the hearing just to here Comey refute Trump’s wiretapping claims, the subject of Russia and the Trump campaign were the main focus. Personally, I doubt seriously that they will find a smoking gun that ties directly to Trump, unless one of his associates snitches for a plea bargain to escape the punishment for espionage. Comey admitted that there is an ongoing investigation into the matter, and he wasn’t able to provide any significant information, but in retrospect, he was able to comment about Hillary’s email. What a fckn douche bag! I also wonder why is the investigation taking so long? If there is no evidence substantiating the claims of collusion with Russia, why is the FBI taking their sweet damn time telling us so? As soon as we know that Trump’s campaign is in the free and clear, we can move on the addressing the next conspiracy theory that starts due to Trump’s 5 AM tweets.





Secondary Trauma

I’m tired today!

I try to keep myself in check, cuz I know that the things that come out of my mouth may offend or confuse many. Life is just so complicated that at the end of the day, drinking a single glass of wine is the only outlet that allows me to decompress…once the babies are soundly asleep in their beds of course.

There is so much happening in our country, in our world. In the US, there is so much racial tension, and throughout the world, innocent people are being murdered by terrorists. I have such a heavy heart today. I’m thinking about all those people murdered by a single evil psychopath. Adults and children taken from this world so abruptly, it causes people thousands of miles away to become so exhausted with the struggle of life on this planet.

We weep for the lost souls, but then we have to deal with our own realities. Suffering secondary trauma in your day to day life isn’t so much fun. When you have a career that interacts with the public in certain circumstances, you sometimes lose faith in humanity. You get a front row seat to the lives of individuals who live outside the norm, and you are stuck with making life changing decisions that affect those who you barely know.

Oh well! So much exposure to secondary trauma, so much exposure to the politics occurring in our country, and you almost train your brain not to care anymore. As the world becomes more violent, you learn to adapt to the madness. You learn to adapt to  the frequent loss of human beings that you don’t know personally, and you try to live in a world where violence against our fellow humans is the norm.

I’m tired today! But maybe tomorrow is a better day!


Election Shenanigans

While I’m on my work and school hustle, I can’t help but to listen to the election shenanigans going on in our country. Donald Trump always seems to rile up the masses with his crazy and racist rants, and Hilary Clinton has a gnat for boring the hell out of the masses with her dry commentary and overly conservative wardrobe.

Oh the Donald never lets me down with his orange tantrums and racist rants. Do I believe that he is a racist? Well, can’t we all say that we have some racist tendencies? The problem with Donald Trump is that he tends to let the world know his thought processes. He recently called Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over his Trump University case, a “Mexican” and accused him of being biased because of his affiliation with “Mexican” organizations. Sigh, Sigh, Sigh. Donald, please get a grip on reality. Since your business venture of Trump University is a damn scam and you’re losing in court, you want to change the subject and start with the race bating. The poor judge he attacked wasn’t even from Mexico, he was born in Indiana, and his parents were immigrants from Mexico. Either way, attacking someone’s heritage because your ass is getting kicked in court is classless.

Furthermore, are we really surprised that Donald Trump is having one of many tantrums that he has demonstrated throughout the election process? This is the same guy who recently called the one African American supporter in a crowd “my African American.” Trump has no business in the political arena and his continuous rants and inappropriate comments tells me that he has no filter. Normal people who go to work everyday have learned to have a filter. Sometimes I want to tell people at work to kiss my azz, but since I want my job, I have learned to keep my mouth shut. Donald Trump should listen to his advisors and learn to shut the fck up and say the normal bull shyt that respectable presidential candidates bore us with every four to eight years.

So, maybe Hilary is a lot less insane than Donald Trump. She has lived in the White House while her husband got his junk molested by the intern. She has experience as a Senator and Secretary of State. Her resume looks better than Trumps, if you’re the type of person who cares about someone having experience for the job at hand. Problem with Hilary, she bores the shyt out of EVERYONE and her dry speeches makes me want to jump a near by cliff. We can complain about Donald and his crazy azz, but at least we know that Donald will at least keep our attention with his irate and outlandish responses to the media. However, no matter how much she bores me, she may still get my vote. I am quite normal and understand that having the right experience is important when running a country. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t entertain myself with the candidate’s flaws. I hate to say it, but Clinton just doesn’t excite people like Bernie Sanders or Barack Obama. I know some people only voting for Hilary because they think Bill Clinton is sexy as fck.

The Hilary scandals are just as significant as Donald’s. If you are a stickler for email reform, Hilary may not be the candidate for you. I am so sick and tired of hearing about this woman having an unauthorized email server.Well let me share some shyt with you…I could care less about some damn emails. I’d rather her having a secure email server than Donald Trump scamming people out of thousands of their life savings on some damn Trump University. The other scandal, well it involves this woman’s wardrobe and the cost of her suit jacket. She allegedly wore a jacket that cost $12, 495 during the New York Primary. Yeah, that’s a bit much. Will it change my mind to vote for Trump…no.