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Top 5 Funniest Trump Memes on Twitter

I always find the funniest Trump Memes on Twitter. It seems that many Twitter Users hate Trump to a point where they don’t mind taking the time to create a humiliating meme. Way to go guys! Here are the top 5 funniest Trump Memes I found on Twitter today! Continue reading “Top 5 Funniest Trump Memes on Twitter”


Today on Twitter: Donald Trump Senselessly Dragged by Twittersphere.

I can’t make this stuff up. People on twitter are some of the most creative people on the planet.  This image is freaking genius. Continue reading “Today on Twitter: Donald Trump Senselessly Dragged by Twittersphere.”

Today on Twitter: Prez Trump Grabbed Putin’s Man-Breasts…Without Permission

Chile these people on Twitter are a hot mess. However, Trump did meet with the Russian minister today, right after firing the person investigating him for Treason. Fck Trump!

Today on Twitter: Shoplifter Attemps to steal meat for evening BBQ

Dude was like, “man, we bout to put these darn chops on the grill…” I hope this is his first offense because I feel sorry for people who previously ate his meat after it was shoved down his jogging pants for Lord knows how long. Yucky! 

Today on Twitter: Trumpy Gets Dragged Again

You know I couldn’t help myself. Twitter is senselessly dragging our orange president Trump to filth. 

It seems there are daily tweets dedicated to our president and the disdain tweeters feel about his horrible administration.

And it seems that everything always ends with our ex president and chocolicious sweetness, Obama.

Mic drop.