Funny Political Photos and Memes

Every day on Twitter and various social media platforms, there are memes and photos that make us smile at the hilarity of our government. Keep an eye out, I’m always getting sent the funniest political photos!

  • Buffoon azz: A good friend sent me this wonderful work of art that continues to make me laugh throughout the day. Who thinks up these genius memes?

  • Undentured Pervert: A response to Trump’s latest bout with dry mouth and denture leakage.
  • Movie of the year…


  • Trump The Insane: The cartoonist who came up with this idea captured my thoughts exactly. Our president is appears to be a little insane. Don’t think his tongue actually leaves his mouth though, his dentures would spill to the floor.

  • MAGA: people get so creative with Donald Trumps slogan, and most of the time it ain’t positive.

Please submit any photos you want featured here! And as always, please share, comment, and like!


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