New Book About Trump: “He’s Semi-literate”

Today was an explosive day in Washington and around the United States. In a tell all book about Donald Trump and his White House, the author, Michael Wolff, provides his audience with a horrible depiction of the 45th President. The book even features a statement from a staffer who referred to Donald Trump as “semi-literate.” Continue reading “New Book About Trump: “He’s Semi-literate””

Political Illustration of the Day: Donald Trump Makes An Appearance


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Donald Trump Targets Amazon and United States Postal Service

Here we go again my fellow Americans, Donald Trump targets Amazon, a multi billion dollar entity that puts Trump’s business to shame, and the US Postal Service, his own government agency. Tell us Mr. President, aside from Russian hookers and toilet tweeting, what do you like about America? Continue reading “Donald Trump Targets Amazon and United States Postal Service”

Funny Political Photo of the Day

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Top 10 Funniest Donald Trump Insults of 2017

Just for fun, I compiled the 10 Funniest Donald Trump insults of 2017. We all agree that Donald Trump is a sack of shyt, but you will be surprised that there is a theme of insults that differs greatly from our past President, Barack Obama; whose insults were more racially motivated. Donald Trump’s insults were often sexually based, which demonstrates how some Americans view him as a perverted swamp turtle. Continue reading “Top 10 Funniest Donald Trump Insults of 2017”