Super Women

                                      by Illumistrations

A few years ago, I wanted graphics depicting Black women who were super heroes and I came across Illumistrations. This artist is so talented! He is probably one of my favorite artists.

So Billy Boy Got Fired

Fox made my damn day…

I must admit, I’m very surprised that Fox, the news station of the unfair and crazy, fired their most successful host, Bill O’reilly, after getting fed up with his alleged sexual harassment of female coworkers.

There are many people on Twitter who are not taking Bill’s termination so well. One Twitter user blamed the liberal media for Bill’s unemployment, when in fact, its a right wing TV network kicking his disgusting azz to the curb.


As with any scandal, there are those who embrace change and those who are so irrational in their beliefs that Bill could have been recorded fcking a goat in a cemetery, and they would still be whining about him being innocent.

Of course in response to his termination, Billy Boy said that the claims of sexual harassment were unfounded accusations. Okay, well if that’s the case, why were you fired? You paid 13 million dollars over the past five years as a way to mute the victims, and now the Fox network’s legal team believe you are too much of a risk to keep around.

Its so funny how life can take a turn for the worst. This should be quite a humbling experience. Billy Boy has been a powerful figure of the right/repubs. He thrived on being a hypocritical racist nut job, and people who follow him are just as bad.

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I’m At Work Right Now But…

I’m working right now but I had to give my two cents…

Just heard Bill O’Reilly got fired with his stankin’ azz. I will go smooth off when I get off from work. But I’m guessing that Fox News were pissed off about Billy being a total sexual deviant/perpetrator. Will be back with more of my rant after this long azz meeting.

Today on Twitter…

Barack can eat my Easter candy anytime…

This man, my President. I don’t want to sound like a horn dog, but lawd have mercy, goodness gracious he is wearing this damn suit. I’m not used to our past presidents being sexy like this.

Ok, ok! His entire family was there too. I do love the O family though. They just seem like great people. Hope they don’t mind me lusting all over the internet.

United Airlines Passenger Beat Down, Violently Dragged Off Plane

Fly the friendly skies, but will get your azz whooped if you get out of line.

Have you guys viewed the disturbing video of a United Airline customer being violently dragged off an airplane? Users of Twitter and Facebook were outraged after watching the viral video of an Asian man getting his azz whooped for the crime of…well, he didn’t actually commit a crime. He felt that since he paid for a ticket, he should be able to fly on the flight he booked. Since the video has went viral, major media outlets have picked up the story and is drawing attention to the actions of United Airline staff when dealing with a paying customer who just wanted to get home to his family.

Apparently, there was a United employee who needed a seat on the plane, and the paying customer was told that he needed to kick rocks and get his azz off. Usually, airlines offer passengers special accommodations when they overbook the flight. I’ve witnessed an airline give a passenger  a $1000 stipend and a free hotel room in order for the passengers to voluntarily give up their seat on a plane. It seems that the staff at United were like “hell knaw, we just gonna pick an older, Asian gentleman to beat down so our employee can have a seat.” What’s really disturbing is how they handled the situation. Airlines regularly overbook, but they also offer generous compensation for the inconvenience of being delayed. United said “not today bytch.” Instead of presenting passengers with an offer they could not refuse, the airline instructed officers to forcibly remove the older gentlemen from his seat. My heart dropped when I saw the man bleeding from his nose. During the violent removal, the passenger’s face hit the arm rest. It also appeared as though he may have experienced extreme shock because he started rambling saying, “they trying to kill me.” This is so heart breaking. I tear up every time I see this video.

Although there were people outraged by this incident, there were some individuals who blamed the passenger for not cooperating with law enforcement. I have to admit, I’ve posted a few Facebook and Twitter comments responding to insensitive idiots who thought it plausible for an airline to use physical force to remove a passenger when he was not breaking any laws. There was one individual who said, “well, if you don’t follow instructions from law enforcement, what do you expect to happen?” Its safe to assume that I did not respond in a very mature manner. My comment included labeling this person an insensitive rabid dog who should be put out of his misery because only a miserable, pitiful, and unhappy individual couldn’t see how this situation was mismanaged.

Today, after United Airlines was dragged for the horrific piece of shyt they are, their stocks dropped significantly, and rightly so. You can’t treat people like shyt and think there won’t be public outrage by posting the evidence on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. You can no longer act a damn fool without some random person catching it on video.

I am boycotting United Airlines and will NEVER fly with them again. Since we are on the topic of shytyness, I can not stand their flight attendants. I understand that their job is to ensure that the passengers follow their safety instructions, but why do United flight attendants have such horrible attitudes? During one flight, I forgot to put on my seat belt, and this stank azz flight attendant got an attitude and stankedly told me to buckle up. I understand that I forgot, but bytch do you have to talk to me like I fcked your boyfriend and got pregnant? Never again. Fck United!