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Stop and frisk? What about stop and shit?

Stop and Sh!t

I don’t live in New York and would have been just devastated if I were stopped for no apparent reason just so some profiling-azz cop could rub the gentle surface of my lady parts. I wonder what would have been a deterrent to officers who were about to stop and frisk an individual minding their own business?

Lets say California had a stop and frisk policy identical to NY‘s previous policy. Here is a scenario: My girl and I are getting our walk on and are harassed by a cop looking to get frisky.

In my little dream land, California has stop and frisk vendors that sell these very comfortable panties that has  two chemicals inside that smells like super sh!t when mixed together. To activate, you just smack your butt with your hand to mix the chemicals, and then your entire body is wrapped in this atrocious odor that burns the nostrils and throats of the policeman and the person wearing the panties. It’s like  mace but its an AZZ odor that deters the officer from completing his search. Ain’t no man or woman going to touch any person that smell like dead azz.

LMAO! I’m Being Super Silly Today

I understand that the government wants to clean up the streets, I see both sides of this situation. However, I can’t ignore the fact that the targeted individuals are persons of color. I’m pretty sure the police aren’t on fifth avenue  frisking people’s nut sacks (sorry if offensive), or bothering the women on Sex and the City with pat downs and ish!! I hope that the government can replace this policy with another pragmatic and fair doctrine that will apply to everyone without targeting specific populations.