Bitch Better Have My Money…A Mommy’s Reaction

Thought I was watching a typical video until I unconsciously said, “awww shyt” out loud while bumping my newborn to sleep. I think my mouth hit the floor the first time they showed the poor lady tits hanging out while tied up in the back of Rihanna’s brand new foreign car. How disrespectful it is to strip someone naked and let them hang from the ceiling of a damn barn like a farm animal’s carcass. Damn!

Am I the only one loving the fact that her mates in this video look just as deranged as she does. The part of the video when the wife tries to call out for help and the awesomely deranged mate nonchalantly hits her upside the head with a beer bottle…was fckn everything. I’m fckn in love with this damn video.

Spontaneous Urination

Sheryl Underwood is my soror and one of the past presidents of our national sorority. Currently she is a host of The Talk. Why in the hell did she think it was pertinent that she inform America that she pisses herself spontaneously is beyond my understanding. I mean think about it. Now, since she has informed the world about her leakage problem, people will always think “Is she pissing right now?”

If I had “pissy leakage problems” from a hysterectomy, there is no way in hell I would share this information to no damn body. People would not know that while I’m working, I’m actually urinating on myself. I empathize with her, and would never wish this condition on anyone, but no one would know about it either.

I hope that the Depends brand is compensating her appropriately, but DAMN! We don’t have to know that you are pissing yourself throughout the damn day.

Beyonce Shuts Down Divorce Rumors

Beyonce Shuts Down Divorce Rumors

The MTV Video Music Awards morphed into the Beyonce Video Music Awards today. There is no shame to admit that I am a huge fan, so it was a real treat for me to see another epic show from the queen. The awards show was just snippets of the On the Run Tour, which I was able to attend. If you have never seen Beyonce or Jay Z live, you are missing out on two epic performers.

Picture provided by MTV Video Music Awards
Picture provided by MTV Video Music Awards

As we all have been bombarded with rumors of divorce and separation, Beyonce and Jay Z so eloquently demonstrated their love for their daughter and one another while she was presented with the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. Beyonce became emotional and embraced both Blu Ivy and Jay Z while the moon man was passed along to a much deserving entertainer.

Picture taken by SouthernGal
Picture taken by SouthernGal from the On The Run Tour


What does this say about the rumor mill?

Who knows. Personally, I think every marriage has its ups and downs, and billionaires are no different. Of course the rumors will never subside as news outlets are fulfilling their rating quota in order to stay relevant.

However; what if they are headed for divorce and are trying to get along for the child? Again that would be their business. But it is important for people to understand that these two people still love and respect one another no matter their personal problems. I hope that they continue to raise their child among two people who will continue to love one another, even if it’s not a romantic love.

Miley Cyrus sparks FCC Investigation

Miley Cyrus sparks FCC Investigation

Miley Cyrus has generated more negative attention today as the FCC received several complaints following the NBC airing of the Banger’s Tour. Although the crowd seemed ecstatic when Miley and her colorful entourage hit the stage, adults were obviously offended by the lewd acts performed on stage. If you viewed at least the first 30 seconds of the NBC special, you have an idea of what the concert will represent from the beginning to the end. Miley starts the show wearing a red leotard with white fur around her neck. Weird is not the word you would use for her peculiar appearance; it seemed that she was going for an image catering solely to young girls and confused little boys. The problem with this type of television special is the colliding themes:

  • Girls just want to have fun
  • Look at me touch my vagina

There is nothing wrong with having fun and incorporating kid-friendly characters in your concert, but performing sex acts on stage in front of these young girls should have raised some red flags with NBC executives. Were they under the impression that this concert was acceptable on television? She has an entire number dedicated to paying too much attention to her groin area. NBC should be fined for their stupidity.

Miley Cyrus Sparks FCC Investigation
And she touched it too..nasty azz!