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Meme of the day: Democrats

Political Meme of the Day: Attention Democrats

Due to the fact that the dopey Democrats are failing at protecting the United States from the ultimate turd-in-chief, this meme is dedicated to their weak ripe azzes.

Shithole Countries

Donald Trump: Why Do We Want All These People From ‘Shithole Countries’ Coming Here

Why do we want all these people from ‘Shithole Countries’ coming here? 

Why Are Democrats Such Pussies?

Democrats must learn to get as filthy and corrupt as their Republican counter parts to win this country back.

Trump Makes “Pocahontas” Slur at Navajo Event: Stop Making Excuses for this Infantile Infected Twat

Immediately after a Navajo Code Talkers Event at the White House, the twat [Donald Trump] apologists wanted to minimize the President’s racial slur, asserting that the American people should be accustomed to hearing the leader of the free world speak like an infantile, infected twat (Not that infected twats speak, but whatever!).

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