Political Adventures

America First?

America First…yet Trump is more concerned with meeting dictators?

I barely have time for Trump Tariff Chaos

I Barely Have Time For The Trump Tariff Chaos

I barely have time for the Trump tariff chaos. He doesn’t understand that basics of trade and should only be the president of his underpants, not of the United States.

Trump’s Twitter Response to Jay-Z: Which Was Ignored By the Iconic Rapper

Trump decided to fck with Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z; and everyone knows you don’t fck with the queen Bee. 

Has Donald Trump Caused Your Heavy Drinking?

The election of Donald Trump has created a new generation of alcoholics in the United States. #donaldtrump #humor #memes

Political Meme of the Day

Check out the funny political meme of the Day that features our not so favorite orange penile implant, Donald Trump.

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