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Political Thot of The Day: Kirstjen Nielsen

The political thot of the day is no other than the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson. This cunt actually rolled her eyes on national television.

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Funny Political Meme of The Day

Click here to view the funny political meme of the day! You won’t be sorry!

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Political Illustration of the Day: Donald Trump Makes An Appearance


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Top 10 Funniest Donald Trump Insults of 2017

Just for fun, I compiled the 10 Funniest Donald Trump insults of 2017. We all agree that Donald Trump is a sack of shyt, but you will be surprised that there is a theme of insults that differs greatly from our past President, Barack Obama; whose insults were more racially motivated. Donald Trump’s insults were often sexually based, which demonstrates how some Americans view him as a perverted swamp turtle. Continue reading “Top 10 Funniest Donald Trump Insults of 2017”

Blog Break


With the current state of our country, and the stresses of life, I decided to take a break from blogging. I found that constantly blogging about our horrible president and race relations in our country was causing me mental fatigue. So glad I was able to get a little rest. I’m back though, and ready for my harsh criticism and the general adventures of life.

I’m still hating my job, but at least I have one for now. I have to be grateful that I am gainfully employed, although my employers don’t really appreciate the long hours and effort I put in to my job.

I would like to add that I am utterly disgusted right now regarding our citizen’s reaction to silent protests by our athletes. They are only bringing attention to racial inequality and yet some people are making the protest about disrespecting the American flag. But anyway, I won’t go into another full rant tonight.