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Americans with half a brain can see that this whole Donald Trump movement is about as silly as…well lets just say it’s pretty silly. The Republican Party is usually a highly collaborative machine, spouting identical sound bites and other nonsense. Whatever negative things we can say about Republicans, they tend to stick together…until now.

Its pretty sad that Republicans are rallying against their own. Donald Trump is wiping the floor with his opponents, and yet Republicans are meeting behind closed doors trying to oust the Donald as the Presidential Nominee. I have a problem with that, but I understand why they are shaking in their boots. Donald Trump is presently an embarrassment as a candidate; other countries must look at our process and shake their heads collectively.

Donald isn’t the only embarrassment. Marco Rubio and all of his personal attacks on Donald Trump is getting quite old. We know that Donald Trump is a fraud and a con man. We know about Trump University and his various failed business ventures. At this point, Rubio just sounds like a whiny little weakling having a tantrum, as he is losing badly in the race for the White House.

There are currently rumors that there will be a contested Republican convention. I believe that the Republicans are having a heart attack knowing that the man, with the alleged big hands, will be their representative. So there are rumors that Republicans are having secret meetings in order to devise a plan to bring down the big Trump. Will Republicans succeed in defusing the Donald’s fiery fire? Who knows! A portion of America has spoken, they want Donald Trump as their next President.As I say such a statement out loud, I just shake my head in disbelief. People scream that they want their country back…just to hand over the reigns to a man whose hair resembles a flattened tumbleweed. This man has no real agenda. At least make something up.

Back to the backroom deals and plotting. Republicans may find a way to ensure that Donald Trump doesn’t represent our country. This is probably the first time in a long while that I have agreed with Republicans doing dirty, conniving, and under handed shyt just to get their way. We can’t possibly get stuck with this moron for the next four to eight years. Lord help us…



Romney for President 2016

I support Mitt Romney’s run for President in 2016! Why? Remember the circus that was the presidential election in 2012? This was probably the most entertaining election of all time. Romney’s gaffs rivaled those of our legendary Vice President Biden’s in every way. With the collaboration of Fox News and Romney’s “corn dog” politics, I am sure that the next election will go down in history as the biggest clown circus on the planet.